Beauty and the Beast
by J*Company

Dorothy Guthrie and Phillip Bowen Disney’s animated version of this classic “tale as old as time” so spellbound America that it broke the rules, becoming an animated movie nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. The stage musical based on the film became a huge hit as well, and is now being performed by J*Company for the first time. 

The tale begins with the introduction by a narrator – usually a disembodied voice, but in Director Joey Landwehr’s production it is a middle-aged man (played by Andrew Ribner) with a streak of silver in his hair, telling us the story from the comfort of his armchair. It’s a narration that concludes when several hairy, beastly arms reach out from behind the curtain and drag him backstage, upon which the curtain rises on our story of an enchanted castle, its beast of a prince, and the brave beauty who has the power to break the spell if she can fall in love with a beast. 

Dorothy Guthrie is the beauty Belle, and she delivers an excellent performance as the intelligent and caring Belle with a marvelous singing voice that shines especially in her solo A Change in Me. Phillip Bowen is the Beast who nicely transitions from the selfish monster into a young man giddy with love and the new life Belle opens up to him. Trevor Bowles is hilarious as the cocky, uber-macho Gaston – the village’s hunter extraordinaire with lots of hair who makes a most memorable marriage proposal to a less-than-enchanted Belle. The trio’s last scene together is unique and darkly humorous. 

The enchanted castle is filled with lively household furnishings. Christopher Pineda plays the charismatic candelabra Lumiere with great flair. Jakob Hytken, currently wheelchair-bound, is a highly original riot as the uptight English clock Cogsworth, using his voice to great effect whether he is trying to get his master to say “please” or reacting to the fawning over by the four funny silly girls. Alice Cash is a bubbly teapot as Mrs. Potts, Tommy Twomey is a cute Chip, Adriana is the flirtatious feather duster Babette, and Brianna Oppenheimer is a total hoot as the opera-singing wardrobe. 

Other notable performances come from Danny Stein as Belle’s husky-voiced, tender father Maurice who gets to drive a very cool car of his invention – and humorously helps his invention along by kicking apart an unruly log. Ari Krasner is a dynamic little Lefou whose small size makes a great contrast with Gaston. Emily Mann makes for a witchy asylum manager. And the ensemble serves it all up with the big Be Our Guest number choreographed by Sarah Jordan and putting Shulamit Nelson’s costumes on full display from the flatware to the napkins to the Disney dinner crashers Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto.

Performs March 9-25, 2007.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Belle: Dorothy Guthrie
Beast: Phillip Bowen
Prince/Townsperson: Curtis Gordon
Gaston: Trevor Bowles
Maurice: Danny Stein
Cogsworth: Jakob Hytken
Mrs. Potts: Alice Cash
Lumiere: Christopher Pineda
Chip: Tommy Twomey
Babette: Adriana Yedidsion
Madam de la Grande Bouche: Brianna Oppenheimer
Lefou: Ari Krasner
Mademoiselle D'arque/Townsperson: Emily Mann
Silly Girl #1/Fork #2: Megan Evans
Silly Girl #2/Lampshade: Ali Viterbi
Silly Girl #3/Napkin #2: Lena White
Silly Girl #4/Napkin #1: Ashley Twomey
Enchantress/Napkin #3/Dance Captain: Elizabeth Kreutz
Fish Man/Lobo the Wolf: Michael Dashefsky
Bookseller/Loup the Wolf: Matt Wagner
Napkin #4: Danielle Levin
Napkin #6: Lauren Barker
Aristocratic Lady/Knife #1: Jess Jacobs
Trevor Bowles and Silly GirlsKnife #2: Casey Jaquez
Spoon #2: Courtney Jones
Spoon #1: Morgan Hubers
Fork #1: Chelsea Huntly-Playle
Plate #1: Sydney Posnock
Plate #2: Emma Stratton
Plate #3: Alanna Serrano
Thyme: Mikayla Stern-Ellis
Rosemary: Elisa Greenberg
Salt: Hannah Houts
Pepper: Maddie Houts
Welcome Mat: Rebecca Shanks
Vase of Flowers: Alexandra Chenelle
Mop: Phelan Bowie
Broom: Emily Laliotis
Girl Chair: Rachel Schoenfeld
Pin Cushion: Jessica Tierney
Spool of Thread: Dominic Riolo
Boy Chair: Adam Burnier
Cheese Grater: Scott Peterson
Townsperson/Gargoyle #1: BreaRose Smith
Townsperson/Gargoyle #2: Naomi McPherson
Egg Seller: Kayla Noddings-Zinola
Sausage Curl Girl: Katie Sale
Baker: Robbie Friedman
Old Lady With Cane #1: Shaina Krevat
Old Lady With Cane #2: Breanna McKinley
Narrator/Candle Man: Andrew Ribner
Hat Seller/Napkin #5: Danielle Smotrich
Milkmaid: Lauren Falk
Lady With Babies: Lauren Bender
Shepherd Boy: Mara Jacobs
Townsperson: Kyle Cotrell
Marie, The Baker's Assistant: Sadie Kennedy
Townsperson/Gaston's Crony: Patrick Kelley
Townsperson/Gaston's Crony: Kevin McRee
Snobby Snowball the Lamb/Fierce Claws the Wolf: Danya Greenberg
Cotton the Lamb/Scary the Wolf: Rebecca Penner
Snowflake the Lamb/Sharpy the Wolf: Zia Rady
Mrs. Puff Poof the Lamb/Red Eyes the Wolf: Annie Charlat
Mickey Mouse: Matthew Shaerer
Minnie Mouse/Sharp Claws the Wolf: Lindsey Morrison
Pluto/Beedie the Wolf: Alison Carey

Director: Joey Landwehr
Musical Director: Rayme Sciaroni
Choreographer: Sarah Jordan
Set Designer: David Weiner
Lighting Designer: Jennifer Setlow
Costume Designer: Shulamit Nelson
Sound Designer: Robbie Henry
Stage Manager: Nicole Jeannette Christie


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