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2005 - 2006 First Annual National Youth Theatre Awards
Photo Album

Michael Anthony

Alice Cash

Jeremy Lapp

Shmaine Shepherd

Sonya Bender

Vicky Truscott

Davin Curtis

Veronica Bird

Abbi Hirschfeld

Ashley Twomey

Maya Ward

"Matthew Crosby"

Alex Fleming

Lonnie Ramirez for Nico Ramirez

Alexander Vassos' Mom

Krysta Thorne

Cloteal Horne

Mallory Fox

Natasha Edwards

Piper Davis

Nate August

Ian Brininstool

Christine Hillmann

Hannah Prater

Seth Biberstein

Adam Covalt

Justin Gleiberman

Luke Marinkovich

Brittany Reed

Jessica Place

Ashley Moore

Tatiana Holthaus

Amanda Friel

Megan Evans

Jackee Bianchi

Rob Hopper and Alice Cash

Ashley Moore and Rob Hopper

Christine Hillmann and Rob Hopper

Rob Hopper and Ian Brininstool

Rob Hopper and Nate August

Katie Palmer, Rob Hopper, and Lizzy Palmer

Sonya Bender and Rob Hopper

Greasepaint's "Honk!"

Young Star Musical Theatre

Amanda Friel as Princess Fred

Ashley Moore as Cathy Hiatt

Canyon Crest Academy's "Cabaret"

J*Company's "Guys and Dolls"

Shauni Gerner, Ian Lewis, Scot Dole, and Josh Cavanaugh from Young Actors Theatre's "The Music Man"

Jackee Bianchi, Alyssa Schechter, Jill Butterfield, and Emily Shackelford from San Diego Junior Theatre's "Zombie Prom"

Mallory Fox turns the table on the camera!


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