How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
by Vista Murrieta High School

In this economy, it’s more important than ever to succeed in business. And if you can do it without really trying, it’s so much easier. J. Pierpont Finch has in his hands the book that can make it happen. Even better, the book narrates to Finch in the voice of Vista Murrieta High School’s theatre director, Mr. Corey Finch. So how can Pierpont Finch lose?

Matthew Malecki is a perfect fit for the role of Finch, an unassuming, non-threatening guy who most rival execs wouldn’t see coming till he’s already past them, which he does quickly as he follows advice from the book in his sprint up the corporate ladder from window washer to window office, doing it all with nicely underplayed humor and a good singing voice. Opposite him is Adrienne Tooley as Rosemary, the charming receptionist with beautiful vocals who keeps putting Finch in a bind (his trusty book doesn’t encourage office romances while climbing ladders). But Adrienne is sweet and helpful and lovely enough to keep Finch giddily thinking about ignoring that particular rule.

The cast is full of coworkers, many of which could either make or break him. None bigger than Biggley, the big boss, with Tyler Trerise leading in a big way with big personality, humor, and knitting needles. Ashley Smith is a rip as “bubble-headed tomato” Hedy LaRue with terrific use of voice, comedic timing, and body wiggles, teaming up with Tyler for a great Love from a Heart of Gold number. The talented Brenna Cleary is Rosemary’s grounded friend Smitty who tries her best to help the two get together in Been a Long Day. And then there’s Bud Frump, nerdy nephew of Biggley through marriage, who is determined to climb the corporate ladder faster than anyone else. Eryk Waligora is brilliant in the role with a great little evil, arrogant laugh, excellent body language, a ridiculous attempt to look sexy, and a natural feel for how to be an irritating boss’s nephew that you love to hate.

Other standouts include Melanie Tierce as the amusing and proper Ms. Jones, Micah Woods playing it The Company Way, and Dustin Frye reminding corporate men that A Secretary is Not a Toy. Those non-toy secretaries add much throughout, from a frantic Coffee Break to some comic sensuality in A Secretary is Not a Toy to the catty Paris Original, with the whole cast teaming up for an inspiring Brotherhood of Man.

Director Joseph Arreola’s production does a nice job with a musical that can easily come off as very dated. Brianna Frangipani’s choreography adds to the comedy and lets the dancers excel, and the costumes transport us smack into the 1960s. The successful production all plays to a large and hugely enthusiastic audience at Vista Murrieta High.

Performs February 26 - 28, 2009

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~
Finch: Matthew Malecki
Rosemary: Adrienne Tooley
Biggley: Tyler Trerise
Smitty: Brenna Cleary
Bud Frump: Eryk Waligora
Hedy LaRue: Ashley Smith
Ms. Jones: Melanie Tierce
Gatch: Austin Kopack
Ms. Krumholtz: Kayla Watson
Bratt: Dustin Frye
Twimble: Micah Woods
Wally Womper: Patrick Lewis
Johnson: Josh Stephenson
Jenkins: Cody Thompson
Ovington: Conner Ibey
Tonybee: Justin Regaspi
Mathews: Dylan Byers
Davis: Stephen Lawrence
Peterson: Jack Wager
Tackaberry: Omar Montanez
Book Voice: Cory Finch
Alicia Gonzales
Annica Cozort
Jennifer Lewis
Katie Putnam
Mikaela Elson
Raquel Everett
Xasha Bower
Amanda Hull
Chloe Bennett
Jordan Wager
Krista Palmer
Mysha Elliott
Sarah Covarrubias
Shelby McConnaughey

Director: Joseph Arreola
Musical Director: Victoria Mora-Collins
Assistant Director: Camille Weck
Choreographer: Brianna Frangipani
Technical Director: Mike Ruiz
Stage Manager: Hayli Jones
Costumes Head: Ashley Ton


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