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Teenagers bedecked in poodle skirts, blue jeans and leather jackets. Phrases like ’Hey, Daddy-O,’ and ‘Word from the Bird’ are tossed back and forth in casual repartee. These are the students of Rydell High, perfectly portrayed by the students of Tri-School Theatre. Grease, set in 1959, follows a motley crew of teenagers as they fall in and out of love. It centers around the straight-laced Sandy Dumbrowski and the smooth Danny Zuko as they struggle with their inherent identities and values, attempting to transcend conventional social boundaries and cultivate a relationship. 

The musical, with a 1950s rock-and-roll score, also explores issues such as teenage pregnancy and adolescent rebellion. 

This show came together masterfully under the extraordinary leadership of Executive Director Hillary Pearson. This show continues the Tri-School legacy of excellence and professionalism, and it was very evident as the show unfolded that these talented cast members were performing with commitment and solidarity to making this their finest show to date. And, even though I’ve seen this production on film numerous times as well as on stage, I thoroughly enjoyed every second.

Performed April 30 - May 3, 2015

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~ Cast ~ 

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Sandy: Alex Worden
Rizzo: Samantha Ramos
Frenchy: Hannah Butler
Marty: Chloe Fano
Jan: Haley Coad
Miss Lynch: Kira Del Toro Rubeshaw
ChaCha: Erica Hodges
Patty/Teen Angel/Dance Captain: Vitoria Villalobos

Cheerleader/Beauty School Dropout/Swooning Fan:
Kristyn Byrd
Caitlin Crawley
Joanna Juarez
Tiffany Lubrino
Christine Ma
Samantha Nevarez
Allyson San Roman
Aurora Valenzuela

Danny: Marco Gonzalez
Kenickie: Dane Madrigal
Doody: Steve Wehner
Sonny: Brandon Martinez
Roger: Ckyrro Carlos
Eugene: Andreas Martinez
Vince Fontaine/Drive-In Singer: Jonathon Stewart
Johnny Casino/Magic Changes Dancer/Drive-in Singer: Vidal Gallardo

Radio ‘Prom Night’ Singers:
Gianna Gazich
Natalie Smailey
Sierra Warner

The Nerdy Smart Kids:
Patrick Aimone
Cassie Arrington
Claire Dixon
Emilee Friend
Sara Gee
Tim Hepps
Kayla Orate
Irene Ramirez
Emma Smith
Natalie Smailey
Bailee Van Beek
Andy Van Driesen
Sierra Warner

The Preppy Jock Kids:
Emilio Ashley
Jessica Avalos
Sabrina Baeza
Maura Cannon
Jacqueline Carr
Isabelle Fabrizio
Haley Fuchs
Vidal Gallardo (Act 1)
Gianna Gazich
Julianne Holmquist
Katherine Lahr
Sabrina Lee
Armaan Monshizadeh
Antonio Murillo
Annabelle Soto
Jonathon Stewart (Act 1)

Director: Hillary Pearson
Costume Design: Mary Ann Villalobos
Hair/Makeup: Jacquelyn Cutts
Set Design: Amanda Stuart
Lighting Design: Tyna Kennedy
Sound Design: Issac Gleason
Choreographer: Michael Lopez
Musical Direction: Anne Vandenberg McClain 


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