The Little House of Cookies
by TADA! Youth Theater

Twenty-five years ago, back in 1984, TADA! Youth Theater staged their first show – an original production called The Little House of Cookies. It’s a story that begins a long, long time ago when the little house was at the heart of a very young and happy and exciting world. Countless years later, in 1969, it looks like a dilapidated little house in the middle of New York City, but it might still house some magic left within her little, old walls. 

Now, in 2009, even 1984 seems like a long, long time ago, during which time TADA has turned out hundreds of terrific young theatre talents through their unique resident ensemble training program and their dozens of original stage productions. Their most recent group being well represented in this 25th Anniversary edition of Little House of Cookies with a cast pulled from across New York City, Westchester, and New Jersey ranging in age from 9 to 17. 

One of the youngest, dynamic 10-year-old talent Martine Bowman, stars as Alice – a girl yearning to make friends and do things with people, but who always gets callously rejected for reasons that aren’t very clear, but whatever the reason, she’s super excited when a new girl arrives in town and doesn’t know Alice is a pariah, with Kristen Callahan as fun new playmate Jane who helps turn the little house start a new life, giving several others a new life in the process. 

TADA’s shows are always good about giving a lot of characters moments to shine. They include the neighborhood kids who are dissing Alice, but may change their tune before it’s all over. Leon (Jordan Alston-Harmon) and Carl (Amiri Taylor) and basketball friends putting up with Carl’s stuck-to-the-hip baby sister Squirt (charismatic 9-year-old Priscilla Estevez). Michelle (Taylor Hogan) and Stacy (Jennifer Wais) are two milkshake-addicted friends who got to, got to, got to urgently satiate their demanding sweet tooth. Martina (Victoria Cotton) manages her four up-and-coming singers with flair and a controlling attitude with the fab four group The Beagles consisting of John (Jonathan Bach), Paul (Austin Zambito-Valente), George (Jacob Ross), and unhappy drummer Stingo (Logan Riley Bruner) ready to break out on the music scene and make girls swoon. Like the girls in diva-ish Deedee’s (Christina Franklin) funky go-go girl’s band. 

They are all joined by a couple adult performers – a cantankerous landlord (Andrew Martin) and the sweet elderly lady Mrs. O’Brien (Serena Rosario-Stanley) who has almost as much affection for the mysterious little house as children have for Mrs. O’Brien’s delicious cookies. Which we each get on our way out after the show!

Performed July 10 - August 1, 2009

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Alice: Martine Bowman
Jane: Kristin Callahan
Leon: Jordan Alston-Harmon
Carl: Amiri Taylor
Squirt: Priscilla Estevez
Michelle: Taylor Hogan
Stacy: Jennifer Wais
Martina: Victoria Cotton
John: Jonathan Bach
Paul: Austin Zambito-Valente
George: Jacob Ross
Stingo: Logan Riley Bruner
Deedee: Christina Franklin
Mary: Maeve Cavadini
Susie: Miriam "Claire" Jones
Cindy: Danikha Catada
Linda: Brielle Raddi
Barb: Natalia Amaya
Jenny: KyLee Savage
Raggedy Ann: Ceanna Bryant
Mrs. O'Brien: Serena Rosario-Stanley
Landlord: Andrew Martin
Neighborhood Kids:
Niles Jordan
Isabel Vera
Georgia O'Leary

Director: Janine Nina Trevens
Choreographer: Joanna Greer
Musical Director: Jim Colleran
Set Designer: Andrew Farrugia
Costume Designer: Cheryl McCarron
Lighting Designer: Steve O'Shea
Production Stage Manager: Lester Grant


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