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Treasure Island
by Studio 3 Performing Arts


Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic adventure novel, this is an entertaining adaptation by Joseph George Caruso that keeps things pretty whimsical but with enough danger to hold some suspense as young Jim Hawkins gets swept away by a world of pirates and a desperate hunt for buried treasure. Caruso also builds in some major female roles to make it more appealing for youth theater with Auntie Nan running the tavern with young Laurie, the two joining Jim on the journey.  


Studio 3 sets the tone with a diverting preshow featuring Sarah Golden as Irish pirate O’Brien on accordion mixing it up with the audience and his fellow musical pirates, including three others with instruments, singing classic pirate songs and telling pirate jokes. The entire group of pirates improv it up and have a fun, easy feel for each other and with the audience, assuring that we’re going to like these bad guys and girls throughout the tale.


Riley Thornton is Jim, good playing the straight man to the crazy characters around him as he tries to do the right thing and find a way to save his friends and find the gold. Caleb Delos-Santos has a natural, amusing personality as Long John Silver intent on recovering the treasure for himself. Samantha Timothy is also a hit as Auntie Nan who has a lot of the best lines as she rolls with the chaos while always having an ear for anything that might be flattery or a possible romantic opportunity. Sara Martin is a sweet Laurie with an eye for Jim and a spirit for whimsical adventure herself. Nicolas Caglia as Captain Smollett and Ryan Webb as Dr. Livesey are determined and intelligent in dealing with the pirates. Caitlin Reilly has a delightful cameo as stir crazy Belle Gunn left in solitary confinement on the island just a bit too long.


Director Jamie Bauer-Spano’s show is an entertaining event from preshow through the unveiling of treasure, with it all looking good with costumes by Emma England, Lynn Golden, and Cynthia Timothy, great hair and makeup by Emma England, nice set pieces by Emma England and Jamie Bauer-Spano, and a cool ship by Bill Fizet on which the cast sails across the stage.

Performed September 4 - 12, 2015

Rob Hopper

Executive Director
National Youth Arts

~ Cast ~ 

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Town Crier/Seashore Scar: Shayla Forero
Captain Bill Bones: Timothy Pung
Mrs. Grundy/Farrah Seaworth: Abigail Golden
Mrs. Poskett/Cheeky Marie: Mireya Tovar
Laurie: Sara Martin
Jim Hawkins: Riley Thornton
Auntie Nan: Samantha Timothy
Dr. Livesey: Ryan Webb
Red Dog: Olivia Timothy
Morgan: Connor Olden
O'Brien: Sarah Golden
Bonny: Becca Webb
Calico Annie: Reagan Plank
Captain Flint: Daniel Dubin
Long John Silver: Caleb Delos-Santos
Captain Smollett: Nicolas Caglia
Belle Gunn: Caitlin Reilly
~ The Pirate Band ~
Abigail Golden (violin)
Becca Webb (guitar)
Olivia Timothy (violin)
Sarah Golden (mandolin, violin, & accordion)

Artistic Director/Producer/Lighting/Hair & Makeup Design: Emma England
Director: Jamie Bauer-Spano
Scenic & Properties Design: Emma England and Jamie Bauer-Spano
Ship Design: Bill Fizet
Costume Design: Emma England, Lynn Golden, & Cynthia Timothy
Sound Design: Carol Webb


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