Madeline's Christmas
by San Diego Junior Theatre

Cashae Overton and Kayla Stults. Photo by Daniel Baird.Young Madeline is destined to have a magical Christmas in Paris, but it doesn’t look very magical at first. After a trip to the zoo, their teacher Miss Clavel is horrified to discover that she let them go out without wearing their scarves. 

Only the smallest member of the class, the mischievous Madeline, remembered her scarf on her own, and only Madeline doesn’t catch a cold. Leading to the big “achoo” song. And leaving Madeline to help nurse everyone back to health, which will lead her to buy twelve fateful rugs from an exotic and mysterious rug seller who will make this Christmas at the Catholic boarding school one to remember.

Evangeline Bitsko directs this cute and entertaining production out of San Diego Junior Theatre’s stage in Chula Vista. In the title role is the sprightly Kayla Cruise who has no problem taking charge when everyone else gets bedridden and who has a clear sense of excitement about the world. Trying to get Madeline to follow the rules while not dampening that excitement is Miss Clavel, played with patience, tenderness, and heart by Devon Hollingsworth. And then there’s Cashae Overton as Harsha, the vendor or rugs and magic, who injects humor and wonder into the show  with her hysterical timing and expressions as well as her tremendous stage presence.

Alex Dunbar plays the charming old groundskeeper who, on opening night, sneezed his moustache off. “I hate it when that happens,” he adlibbed as Miss Clavel calmly picked it up and handed it to him as if he’d just dropped his hat. The ensemble of classmates include Cody Quigg as second-in-command Regine and Ruby Ross as ice cream-loving Camille. They all take off in a memorable and enchanting flying carpet ride through the clouds above Paris, their wise Miss Clavel teaching them to never be afraid of trying new things.

Performs through December 23, 2006.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Photo by Daniel BairdMadeline: Kayla Cruise
Miss Clavel: Devon Hollingsworth
Harsha: Cashae Overton
Mr. Murphy, Monsieur Brun: Alex Dunbar
Isabelle: Brittney Aceron
Juliette: Stephanie Aceron
Kate: Natalie Boyd
Amy: Alexis Iannone
Anne: Lili Johnson
Simone: Katrina Limson
Regine: Cody Quigg
Mary: Andrea Quintanar
Daphne: Kayla Rink
Camille: Ruby Ross
Dominique: Jordan Vickers

Direcotr: Evangeline Bitsko
Music Director/Piano: Desha Crownover
Set Design: Tony Cucuzzella and Cynthia Bloodgood
Costume Design: Lisa Forrest
Make-up Design: Yesenia Del Valle
Stage Manager: Michael Barahura


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