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9 to 5: The Musical
by Rancho Buena Vista High School


Music and Lyrics by Dolly Parton, Book by Patricia Resnick, which opened on Broadway in 2009. Based on the hit 1980 film starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton.  

The musical opens during a morning in 1979 as alarm clocks wake up groggy office workers who force themselves to get ready for another day at work while performing Dolly Parton’s hit 9 to 5. They’ll all end up Consolidated where they’ll be working for the man. In this case, an unabashedly egotistical man named Franklin Hart, Jr. who spends most of his office hours sexually harassing his female coworkers. Violet Newstead (Lily Tomlin in the film) is the smart and savvy veteran office manager – a widow raising a teenage son who wants to break the glass ceiling. Judy Bernly (Jane Fonda) is the new hire who has never worked an office job in her life but desperately needs to after her cheating husband left her. And Doralee Rhodes (Dolly Parton) is the kind-hearted and sensitive southern belle ignored by her coworkers who think she’s having an affair with Hart. Hart’s treatment of them all leads to some daydreams of revenge that snowball into reality in this entertaining musical version of the classic comedy.  


Directors Mark Scott and Renee Kollar-Bachman team up to lead another terrific production at Rancho Buena Vista High School. Nice lighting touches by Curtis Mueller for the fantasy sections, good period outfits by MaryAnn Pinamonti and Viki Strand, and a great job by the professional band led by Lyndon Pugeda keep things looking and sounding good.  

It’s imperative to have three stars to lead it up on stage, and they’ve got a trio of powerhouses. Grace Marshall wraps up her remarkable high school career as Violet, slipping into the role of the intelligent, widowed single mom with natural ease, as well as an amusingly vengeful Snow White in her Potion Notion fantasy. She shines throughout with her versatile voice and characterizations, as well as her strong, charismatic lead in numbers like Around Here and One of the Boys. Mackenzie Scott nails her sweet Doralee persona as she fends off Hart like she’s had to do it for years, has her feelings hurt by coworkers who inexplicably snub her overtures, and leads the cast in Backwoods Barbie and her humorously reining in of Hart with Cowgirl’s Revenge. While as new girl Judy, Catherine Lynch slowly transforms from being overwhelmed, timid, and filled with self-doubt to a fantasy femme fatale in Dance of Death to a woman with surging confidence as she knocks out Get Out and Stay Out. And when you get all three of them leading the cast together in numbers like Change It and Shine Like the Sun, they blow out the theater with stunning vocals and power. 

David Melendez is a hoot as the over-the-top sleazeball boss from hell you love to hate, especially in the revenge fantasies. Molly Baggett is his brownnosing assistant Roz who lets loose in her own hilarious daydreams with the boss in Heart to Hart. Jake Bradford is great as the nice guy younger coworker trying to convince Violet to go out. Garrett Lamoureux is Doralee’s fun and supportive husband, Niko Wyskiel is Violet’s equally supportive son, Dixon Janda is Judy’s jerk ex-husband, and Kaylee Bender delivers a very memorable cameo as Hart’s super sweet wife who tries not to be hurt by her husband and tries to be oblivious to his philandering. The cast as a whole keeps this show strong throughout with their dancing to Renee Kollar-Bachman’s creative choreography as well as their singing and acting as a variety of coworkers each with good personalities, a variety of colorful characters in the revenge fantasies, and getting it all started as grumpy early risers (except for dance captain Katie Blessing as a happy morning person doing aerobics) preparing for their 9 to 5. 

Performed March 12 - 21, 2015

Photos by Viki Strand

Rob Hopper

Executive Director
National Youth Arts

~ Cast ~ 

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Violet Newstead: Grace Marshall
Doralee Rhodes: Mackenzie Scott
Judy Bernly: Catherine Lynch
Franklin Hart Jr.: David Melendez
Roz Keith: Molly Baggett
Joe: Jake Bradford
Dwayne: Garrett Lamoureux
Josh: Niko Wyskiel
Margaret/Missy: Kaylee Bender
Maria: Katie Blessing
Dick: Dixon Janda
Kathy: Kaylee Royster
Bob/Doctor: Brendan Hamill
Tinsworthy: Esteban Davalos
Detective: Chase Manriki
Candy Striper: Camrie Rounds
Ashlin Dunham
Chloe Scott
Cheyenne Teichmann
Evin Glaude
Fabiana Bommino
Harrison Smith
Julissa Romero
Kaylee Knippel
Maria Concepcion
Natalie Ewing
Sierra Tsementzis
Rey Guzman
Zoe Jones

Directors: Mark Scott and Renee Kollar-Bachman
Musical Director: Lyndon Pugeda
Costume Design: MaryAnn Pinamonti and Viki Strand
Technical Director: Jim Malone
Choreographer: Renee M. Kollar-Bachman
Lighting Designer: Curtis Mueller


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