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It’s the show this forty-year-old youth theatre company was born to do. Four decades after their first production of it, Mark Arapostathis now directs their most recent performance of their namesake musical classic. And with all their experience, not to mention a huge cast of inspired young performers from fourth grade to eighth, the story of the boy who never grew up is full of youthful magic.

Ten-year-old Jamie Boyd leads us to Neverland as the title character with good singing and strong characterization, while heading up a huge assortment of Lost Boys who chime in with a nicely done Wendy song and a rendition of I Won’t Grow Up performed with enthusiastic certainty (each Lost Boy donning a different type of hat from coonskin to aviator to an old football helmet). Joining them are, of course, the adventuresome and delighted Darling siblings Wendy (Kailey Vigil), John (Ben Kesner), and Michael (Zoe Zawacki) who fly above the stage with Peter to Neverland, with Wendy also joining with Peter in a good duet and delivering an amusing narration of Hamlet’s grim ending.

Eventually joining forces with the Lost Boys are some dynamic Indians led by Tiger Lily (Sierra Orsinelli-Rivers). And they’ll need all the help they can get against the sinister pirates of Neverland led by the nefarious Captain Hook who has every intention of making sure Peter Pan and his gang never grow up. In this case, it’s a huge band of pirates Peter must contend with – enough to dance a big tango with other pirates accompanying them with instruments. Those pirates carry their evil captain out onto the stage in a big litter (and then accidentally/purposely drop him). They are also eager to sing a little Disney-ish Yo Ho, Yo Ho before Smee interrupts them with a disheartening clarification of copyright law. Smee (Sam Alper) is a riot as Hook’s adoring valet using great comic timing, personality, and voice. Parker Stevens plays the object of Smee’s infatuation, transforming himself from stiff and prim Mr. Darling childishly afraid of medicine to the hilarious Hook who relishes his diabolical nature, almost relishing it too much as he starts to laugh gleefully while slipping poison into a sleeping Peter’s medicine before catching himself and realizing that he doesn’t want to wake his nemesis up. He leads all his pirates in a terrific musical number named after himself.

The show is full of impressive production values to complete the magic spell, including great costumes and charming sets of the Darling house and Neverland, all those sets kept clean by an industrious maid Liza (Shannon Wooldridge) who happily dusts off all the forested nooks and crannies of Neverland, right down to Peter’s bottom.

Performed March 24 - 27, 2010

Rob Hopper

Executive Director
National Youth Arts

~ Cast ~

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Wendy: Kailey Vigil
John: Ben Kesner
Michael: Zoe Zawacki
Liza: Shannon Wooldridge
Mrs. Darling: Lane Griffith
Mr. Darling/Captain Hook: Parker Stevens
Peter: Jamie Boyd
Smee: Sam Alper
Tiger Lily: Sierra Orsinelli-Rivers
Slightly: Trevor Norling
Tootles: Rachel Minter
Curly: Sydney Morgan
Twin 1: Caleb Solorio
Twin 2: Benjamin Lancia
Starkey: Michael McCarter-Crellin
Old Wendy: Maddie Myers
Jane: Kate Erath

~ Lost Boys ~
Nibs: Cori Harris
Pockets: Michael Plummer
Kelley: Maddie Myers
Buttons: Karis Baber
Smiley: Noelle Orsinelli-Rivers
Skip: Rilyn Gardner
Ringo: Grace Hayman
Sparky: Timmy Lancia
Rhoda: Torri Norling
Broadway: Tatum Holder
Badger: Kate Erath
No Nap: Megan Early Hamori
Crayon: Cambria Babbitt
Chip: Tiahana Bible
Trumpet: Jenna Urich
Socks: Ellie Donalson
Mittens: Sydney Williams
Seven: Drew Valoria
Fletcher: Eric Gagnon
Soda: Symone Griffith
Rhonda: Kira Sutherland
Flower: Evelyn Morgan

~ Pirates ~
Noodler: Nick Orr
Jukes: Lowell Soden
Cecco: AJ Parks
Black Beard: Sean Dawson
Tobias Bridge: Joshua Wing
Mary Reed: Makena Heiskala
Anne Bonny: Callie Everson
Lady Killigrew: Julia Jenkins
Jacquotte Delahaye: Anya Sachs
Grace O'Malley: Molly Martins
Captain Jack Sparrow: Brandon Beach
Red Beard: Brady Curran
Nathaniel Butler: Cole Lehto
Captain Kidd: Charlie Harris
Bootstrap Bill: Jack Buckley
Blue Beard: James Neubecker
Barbossa: Kaelen O'Hea
Will Turner: Peter Johnson
Pintel: Brady Beach
Elizabeth Swann: Maranda Hubert
Anamaria: Maya Rouillard
Twigg: Emily Alessio
Tia Dalma: Stella Mae Coleman
Scarlett the Red: Jillian Dawson

~ Indians ~
Kicking Bird: Ryan McDonald
Stands With a Fist: Madeline McKay
Smiles A Lot: Angelina Barnaba
Sitting Bull: Taylor Smith
Pocahontas: Carly McCoole
Ten Bears: Sage McNeely
Sequoyah: Serena Thurman
Geronimo: Sophia Quinn
Yellow Feather: Kya Harris
Squanto: Andrea Hale
Brown Bear: Leah Murphy
Fleet Foot: Kaley McFarland
Pontiac: Madison Goldman
Hawkeye: Matty Berry
Cochise: Maelisa Battle
Crazy Horse: Grace Lehman
Tonto: Riley Ashley
Spotted Wolf: Jennifer Graziano
Humming Bird: Annie Buckley
Little Bear: Jada Williams
Clever Fox: Cassie Isaacson
Wind in Her Hair: Silla Goodman
Running Bear: Jenessa Provence
Jumping Bird: Christina Isaacson

~ Neverland ~
Crocodile: Ryan McDonald
Nana: Llowell Soden
Mary Ansell: Taylor Smith
Sylvia Davies/Pocahontas: Carly McCoole

Director: Mark Arapostathis
Choral Director: Elaine Arapostathis
Artistic Director: Bob Kuhne
Orchestra Director: Joe Dyke
Assistant Director: Karisa Archer, Jocie Morgan, Zack Alper, Laura Erath


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