The Miracle Worker
by Central Piedmont Community College

Even though The Miracle Worker is over fifty years old from when it was first produced for television, it still has the power to move an audience. This is especially true when two very good directors are at the helm. Corlis Hayes and Corey Mitchell though hampered by the odd stage dimensions of Pease Auditorium (soon to be renovated); have obviously worked hard with their cast to bring the play to life.

The fact that everyone knows the story of Helen Keller doesn’t diminish the heartfelt performances of the lead actors. Full credit and kudos go to both Amanda Berkowitz as Helen Keller, and Courtney Wright as Annie Sullivan who do a terrific job individually, and together. One can only imagine the hours of rehearsal to get the timing and choreography of their “dinner” scene to look as natural as it does. Tony Wright, fight choreographer, has done an impressive job with that aspect of the show.

The large cast all do their best with Samantha Driver the most convincing as Helen’s mother Kate who loves her disabled daughter in a heartbreaking way that parents will understand. Even Maggie the dog gives some character to the proceedings.

It’s difficult to imagine now, but Annie Sullivan was only twenty when she first worked with Helen Keller. Her own deprived, desperate childhood gave her the wisdom to know that Helen needed discipline first and not pity to make the most of her life. Their inspiring story is well worth our time and consideration.

By William Gibson

Performed April 25 – May 4, 2008

Ann Marie Oliva
Ann Marie Oliva's plays have had over 80 productions across the US. She is founder of the playwrights in residence at Theatre Charlotte in North Carolina. Ann Marie is producer/editor of ARTS à la Mode, a website devoted to the arts that includes film and local theatre reviews.

~ Cast ~

Doctor: Jack Stecher
Kate Keller: Samantha Driver
Captain Keller: Mark Plant
Helen Keller: Amanda Berkowitz
Martha: Jenesis Tucker
Percy: Kelsey Wardlaw
Servant Girl: Morgan Wardlaw
Aunt Ev: Liz Luke
James Keller: Joshua Looney
Vaney: Nisa Hasan
Anagnos: John Xenakis
Annie Sullivan: Courtney Wright

Blind Girls:
Julia Kelly
Virginia Tracy
Katie Plant
Emily Calder
Bailey Hayman
Rachel Tatge
Samantha Calder
Hannah Roberge

Ryan Fanant
Katie Plant
Emily Calder
John Xenakis
Bailey Hayman
Jack Stecher
Belle: Maggie the Dog 

Directors: Corlis Hayes & Corey Mitchell

Technical Director Don Ketchum

Scene Designer: James Duke

Lighting Designer: Chris Hull

Costume Designer: Suzie Hartness

Stage Manager: Casey McCann

Sound Designer: Jeff Murdoch

Fight Choreographer: Tony Wright 

Technical Crew:

Assistant Technical Director & Master Electrician: Adam York

Production Consultant: Ulysses Crawford

Assistant Stage Manager: Katie Plant

Carpenters: Alana Almond, John Tringas, Vivian Van Danse

Set Construction: Students of DRA 111, DRA 130, DRA 131,

DRA 135, DRA 136, DRA 140, DRA 141, DRA 270


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