Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
by Northglenn Youth Theatre

A vain, evil queen. A young maiden with skin as white as snow who is the fairest person in the land. A magic mirror. Seven dwarfs. Ancient Greece???

Northglenn Youth Theatre is putting on this non-Disney version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, an adaptation based on the tale from the Brothers Grimm. Director Kimberly Jongejan has further adapted it to take place in Ancient Greece. The result is a very curious mix of German folklore, a bunch of clever and wicked humor, some extremely sugary dialogue, and doses of Greek tragedy.

The strongest parts of this show are its magnificent production values (marvelous sets and costumes by Brian Mangum and Debbie Faber respectively) and a young, talented cast that really hits home in the play’s comedic scenes.

Hilary Johnston is the sweet and humble Snow White who has to endure showers of compliments from her castle friends and a reluctantly attempted murder from Berthold the Huntsman (Ethan Knowles) before she gets led/dragged by a determined bird toward a small, empty cottage (that seems more German than Greek). And it is there that Hilary seems most comfortable and the play becomes more effective, when the sugariness begins to be used as a comedic tool with help from characters like the little bird and, of course, the seven dwarfs whose entrance really gets the show off and running. The terrified and then curious dwarfs are a hoot. As is their interesting method of bathing in a sort of reverse “running the gauntlet” style.

And then there are the unforgettable costars played by some extraordinary comedic actors. Krysta Thorne is a killer queen whose facial expressions, monstrous vanity, and snidely evil personality is amusing to everyone except, of course, poor Snow White. She is aided in her wicked ways by a couple of very different assistants. One is the absurd Sir Dandiprat Bombas, with Brian Newby stealing his scenes as the silly, brown-nosing, bombastic Bombas. And  finally, there’s comic wizard Maggie Schlundt as Witch Hex whose masterful nose for comedy and vocal intonations make even her desire for Snow White’s heart to complete her recipe for hair tonic an amusing thing. And when the hunter doesn’t give the bald witch her last ingredient? Why, she has to turn the queen into a disguised Pedlar Woman who will try to sell Snow White some of the witch’s “magic killing things” like poisoned apples (the Pedlar Woman being played with such conniving skill and humor by Kandice Martellaro).

Since it’s a happily ever after story rather than a tragedy, and since the Ancient Greece aspect isn’t built into the entire story, perhaps the Greek Tragedy element as well as the bits of overly sugary talk and dancing at the castle would have worked better if it had all been done with a sense of humor and knowing winks to the audience. A trick which is done at times with great success, like the scene in which the adorable little tweeting bird (Ashlee Baldwin) tries to warn Snow White that the huntsman is about to kill her, eventually dragging her gruffly off by her hair while Snow White continues in her sweetly confused tone, “Do you want me to come with you?”

Performs through April 30, 2006.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Snow White: Hilary Johnston
Queen Brangomar: Krysta Thorne
Witch Hex: Maggie Schlundt
Sir Dandiprat Bombas: Brian Newby
Berthold the Huntsman: Ethan Knowles
Prince Florimond of Calydon: Brant Crosby

~ Maids of Honor ~
Rosalys: Rachel Faught
Christabel: Desiree Garneau
Amelotte: Katie Deuschle
Ermendgarde: Ashley Ziegler
Guinivere: Abby Brich
Astolaine: Anna Allen
Ursula: Nicole Lopez Del Carril
Lynette: Karen K. Joseph

~ Dwarfs ~
Blick: Travis Clisham
Flick: Matt Klamm
Glick: Kyle Steeno
Snick: Brian Thomas
Plick: Dave Moyer
Whick: Vianes Rodriguez
Quee: Terren Coffey

Magic Mirror: Kim Hoeben
Pedlar-Woman: Kandice Martellaro
Flunkies: Joshua Tufford, Avery Anderson
Valentine: Michael Martinez
Brown Bird/Vivian: Ashlee Baldwin
Long Tail: Kelsey Stauffer
Short Tail: Breana Tindall
Lack Tail: Haley Pachelo

Greek Chorus:
Matt West
Brant Crosby
Lauren Lewakowski
Rhiannon Burnham
Ivory Woolhiser
Hannah Wold
Kim Hoben
Kelsey Stauffer
Kandice Martellaro

Director: Kimberly Jongejan
Asst. Director/Stage Manager/Masks: Rachel Brazell
Technical Director/Set Design: Brian Mangum
Choreographer: Angila Waldman
Costumes: Debbie Faber


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