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Les Miserables (School Edition)
by Kids Theatre Network


KTN delights again with their production of Victor Hugo's novel Les Miserables. Translated as “the Miserable Ones,” is a narrative about a people’s struggle against adversity in 19th century France. The story follows the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his experience of redemption. The play examines the nature of law, and expounds upon the history of France, politics, moral philosophy, justice, and religion. Les Miserables was originally adapted into a play by Trevor Nunn and John Caird. 

Leading the way, Trevor Haumschilt (Jean Valjean) gives a fine performance and has an abundance of intensity in his vocals including the heartfelt "Bring Him Home". Matching that intensity was Dane Lawler as Valjean’s relentless pursuer Inspector Javert, and showed nice vocals in "Stars". 

Katie Westbrook showed an emotional and beautiful portrayal of Fantine and a lovely singing voice with a heartfelt rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream". 
Lea LeBrun (Cosette) and Daniel Trent (Marius) provided romantic fervor from their love-at-first-sight encounter in the streets of Saint Michel to their reunion after the battle at the barricades and their final meeting with Valjean. Their beautifully sung duet, "A Heart Full of Love" was clearly a favorite with the audience. Nathan Getman (Thénardier) and Sarah Bedford (Madame Thénardier) were hilarious as the wretched and conniving innkeepers who sold the young Cosette to Valjean and later turned up leading a Paris street gang. Ciarra Stroud delivered a strong performance as their daughter Eponine, and her counterpart Gracie Trent (Young Eponine) was perfectly cast in her role.

Stirring performances were also turned in by Zachary Manlapid (Enjolras) as leader of the student uprising, Shelby Westbrook (Gavroche), the street-smart urchin who "runs" Saint Michel, and Maxine Sutton (Young Cosette), who delivered a beautifully sweet and sad "Castle On A Cloud."

The finale was huge, bringing together all those who had died, survived, battled, fought and wrestled with morality itself, and provided a memorable ending. But, for this reviewer at least, the peak of the show was the climactic “One Day More” done with an inspiring energy that was evident in all the cast. Perhaps one of the most impressive elements of this production was the consistent acting from the large ensemble. Director Lynne Broyles and Musical Director Claire Orona made this rather difficult-to-perform musical into a tight, well-rehearsed production.

Performed June 28th- 30th, 2013

Terrance Blessing
National Youth Arts


 ~ Cast ~
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Jean Valjean: Trevor Haumschilt
Javert: Dane Lawler
Bishop: Max Emma
Factory Witch: Sarah Trent
Fantine: Emily Medile
Katie Westbrook
Old Woman: Adriana Shock
Sydney Beeson
Bamatabois: Daniel Trent
Jacob Rodebaugh
Fauchelevant: Emily Johnson
Young Cosette: Gracie Trent
Maxine Sutton
Madame Thenardier: Francesca Orona
Sarah Bedfod 
Young Eponine: Maxine Sutton
Gracie Trent
Thenardier: Nathan Getman
Gavroche: Mary Epperson
Shelby Westbrook
Enjolras: Zachary Manlapid 
Marius: Jacob Rodebugh
Daniel Trent
Eponine: Caely Cipriano
Taylor DeGuzman
Ciarra Stroud
Cosette: Savannah Coffield
Lea LeBrun
Feuilly: Emily Johnson
Combeferre: Alyssa Jonson
Courfeyrac: Scottie Bedford
Grantire: Joshua Gonzalez
Pouvaire: Michaela Derbique
Lesgles: Anna Zios
Joly: Sarah Bedford
Francesca Orona
Sentry: Daniel Trent
Jacob Rodebaugh
Montparnasse: Alec Emma
Babet: Jacob Nanquil
Brujon: Aiden Factor 
Claquesous: Shelby Westbrook
Mary Epperson
Army Officer: Katie Westbrook



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