Disney's High School Musical
by Doug Fordyce’s Junior Trouper-KIDS ON STAGE

Ages 6 to 12 put on a fabulous rendition of Disney’s High School Musical.  The set design was simple yet very effective.  The sound was great as was the lighting.  Although the costuming may sound simple for 60 high school students, it was elaborate and done with precision to make each child in the play look the part of a high school student.  Layered clothing, hats, different socks etc. gave each actor his or her own style for their character.  The choreographer, Jenna Thomas, really helped pull the group together with simple touches to each song even in the background of the duets.  The song Status Quo was choreographed to show each side of the lunch room “talking” back and forth with the music and words. 

There are many stars in this production and the entire ensemble is very important all the way through the play.  The setting: East High where Troy and Gabriella meet up for a second time and find that their differences may upset their friends, the Drama twins and the entire school, but will only make their romance and friendship grow.  In their duets, Troy (Stuart Coulston) and Gabriella’s (Grace Haase) voices blend very nicely together.  Troy has a strong and very pleasant voice and Gabriella has a sweet voice that gets better and better throughout the play. In their duet Breaking Free they rung out strong and clear and perfectly pitched, and their dancing was superb. 

Ryan (Alec Nieusma-Gano) and his thespian sister Sharpay (Toni Priebe) make a perfect pair with their dancing, singing, and interplay.  Ryan has a wonderful smile, his dancing is fluid, and his singing is absolutely the tops.  Sharpay walks with overconfidence as she rules the campus, and her exaggerated gestures and emotions make her a perfect thespian leader.  

Ms Darbus (Audrey Ballard) and Coach Bolton (Mitch Conrad) make wonderful adults in this play.  Ms. Darbus is mesmerizing with her costume of a long skirt and her prominent and graceful hand movements as she talks about the theater that she loves so much.  Coach Bolton plays an excellent hard-nosed coach and father.  His fights with “Darbus the deranged” are funny and make for the interchange between the two teachers a “Joy” to watch. 

The poise in every single main actor and the ensemble cast is evident, showing just how hard each of these kids worked.  Chad (Jalen Alexander) smiled during all the dancing making his steps and rhythm look effortless.  He also has a very marvelous singing voice.  Zeke (Sam McIntosh), another basketball player, also has a pleasant voice and he stayed in character whenever he was onstage whether or not he had any major part in the scene.  This was true for many of the students.  Jack (Patrick Hill) does a splendid job with his “Peeps” talks that take place between many of the scenes.  Kelsi (Sunny Gathright) shows her talents all during the play as her character grows and changes.  

The entire ensemble cast of the Junior Troupers from Kids On Stage really made a believer out of me that they were not 6-to-12 years old but, 15-and-above high school students in all the different cliques that you see on a high school campus anywhere in the U.S.  Overall the acting, dancing, directing, sets and everything it takes to put together such a major production was brilliantly done and deserved a standing ovation.

Performed March 10 -11, 2007.

Roshelle Hall

National Youth Theatre
~ Cast ~

Troy Bolton: Stuart Coulston
Gabriella Montez:
Grace Haase
Sharpay Evans: Toni Priebe
Ryan Evans: Alec Nieusma-Gano
Taylor Mckessie:
Chelsea Hamm
Chad Danforth: Jalen Alexander
Kelsi Neilson: Sunny Gathright
Jack Scott: Patrick Hill
Zeke Baylor: Sam McIntosh
Martha Cox:
Abby Rzepka
Ms. Darbus: Audrey Ballard
Coach Bolton:
Mitch Conrad
Morgan Brunsting
Brendan Ballard
Maddie Williams
Mongo: Tait Martinez
Cheerleader Captain:
Roxie Elliot
Ben Lahrman
Lyndsey Covert
Anna Haynes, Maddie Schrock, Jordan Shindeldecker
Lily Brandt 

Jack Boekeloo             
Avery Conybeare            
Hannah Davis
Katie Dowling              
Lilly Jillson               
Kenzie McFall
Mo Parsons                  
McKenna Smith            
Laura Tedesco
Rachel Thursby            
Dalia Van Zyll                       
Meagan Veldman
Lucas Veldman            
Keely Williamson            
Katie Wright
Emily Yerington 

Basketball Players:
Andy Hodge
Tayler Krieger

Roxie Elliot
Allie Matti
Maddey Olson
Courtney Rooker
Ellen Schrock
Kristen Shepard
Carmen Smith 

Rowan Conybeare
Natalie Rush
Jenna Rydleski
Emma Schaffer
Katelyn Tillstrom
Daniella Valles 

Skater Dudes:
Daniel Acker                
Abby Austin               
Breanne Blackwell
Claire Dine                   
Liz Ender               
Brittany Eyerly
Anna Fischer                
Paige Hakeem                       
Emily Hodge
Tabitha Hoskins            
Emma Hughes             
Jaden Miller
Lauren Najera              
Abby Whitwam 

Bridget Cook               
Mercede Daugherty            
Lauren DeFrancesco
Jacq Frazier                  
Alyssa Hannan 
Olivia Lancaster
Erica Levy                    
Jae Mackie             
Chiara McCauley       
Caleb Miller                 
Rachel Payne               
Andrew Rios
Raechal Smith               
Monika Spear   

Megamix Soloists: 
Abby Austin               
Bridget Cook 

Director: Doug Fordyce
Assistant Director:
Jeri Fordyce
Jenna Thomas
Production Assistants: Wendy Hoskins & Jennifer Meyer
Tech Director/Stage Manager:
Alex Kerr
Set Design: Doug Fordyce
Set Construction:
LHS Stagecraft & Theater Tech classes
Costume Coordinator Super Troupers: Laura Livrone
Costume Committee:
Jacquie Blackwell, Lizzy Coulston, Susan Coulston, Tiffany Gano, Tammy Green, Lynette Hoyt, Kelly Matti, Kathy Ottmar, Natalie Rios, Karen Rooker, Joanne Shrock, Beth Scott, Janet Shenker, Jean Szczypka, Sarah Tedesco, Reta Trux, Donna Vavra-Musser
Props Coordinator:
Lynette Hoyt
Set Coordinator:
Suzanne Thursby
Stage Crew Coordinator:
Reta Trux
Make-Up Coordinator:
Eliza Ford
Volunteer Coordinator:
Jamie Smith  


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