Disney's High School Musical 2
by J*Company

Last season J*Company dedicated to Disney shows, including the uber-popular High School Musical. So naturally this season sees the sequel, following the exploits of Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans and fellow East High Wildcats as they head into summer. It’s a summer spent in the swank Lava Springs Country Club as Troy, Gabriella, and friends try to make some money, and Sharpay again tries to make Troy.

Matt Maretz and Alexis Young lead the cast as Troy and Gabriella, their young love threatened as Troy is torn between his relationships and the prospect of getting a lucrative basketball scholarship from Sharpay’s dad. Matt does well as the confident Troy determined to Work This Out who becomes the soul-searching Troy in Bet On It. Alexis makes for a sweet Gabriella, the two of them joining forces for some good new duets, especially Gotta Go My Own Way sung as their relationship teeters on the edge.

Trying to push that relationship over the edge is romantic rival and diva extraordinaire Sharpay Evans, with Adriana Yedidsion starring as the Fabulous one who has a posse of amusingly ditzy “Sharpettes” and, in this production, a mini-me posse of ditzy “Shar-petites.” They give Sharpay plenty of ego-boosting and validation as she pursues her Troy obsession with every gun in the arsenal and doesn’t take any failures very well (usually involving some anger and some funny little noises, but eventually some softened soul searching of her own). Jonathan Edzant is her very charismatic twin brother Ryan who leads the cast in the big I Don’t Dance number. The other person who has to deal with Ryan’s diva sister is Fulton, the country club’s manager, featuring Micah Frank who uses a calm, roll-with-the-punches personality and dry humor to terrific effect in the role.

The cast of friends and country club employees help enliven the big numbers in this high-energy show. They also inject bits of humor in there, including a talent show contestant (Katherine Houk) who intermixes graceful ballet with clumsily stomping about (afterwards comically limping her brutally sore legs off the stage). Director Rayme Sciaroni’s production also includes some nice lighting by Andrew Miller, especially during the Bet On It scene, with the cast dressed up in Lisa Forrest’s costumes ranging from classy and preppy country club attire and to hip high school outfits guaranteed to get them through the summer at Lava Springs and into their senior year in High School Musical 3.

Performed March 7 - 22, 2009.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~
Ms. Darbus, Wildcaat & Lava Springs Employee: Katie Sale
Troy Bolton: Matt Maretz
Gabriella Montez: Alexis Young
Sharpay Evans: Adriana Yedidsion
Ryan Evans: Jonathan Edzant
Chad Danforth: Elliot Rappaport
Taylor McKessie: Danielle Smotrich
Zeke Baylor: Zachary Herzog
Martha Cox: Mara Jacobs
Jack Scott: Scott Peterson
Kelsi Nielson: Mady Maio
Fulton: Micah Frank
Fulton's Assistant & Wildcat: Keila Ashkenasi
Sharpette - Blossom: Maddie Houts
Sharpette - Violet: Hannah Houts
Sharpette - Peaches: Lindsey Grant
Sharpette - Lavender: Arianna Young
Sharpette - Citron: Emily Hoolihan
Sharpette - Marge: Michelle Guefen
Shar-petite: Gabriella Leibowitz
Shar-petite: Rebecca Penner
Shar-petite: Brooke Posnock
Shar-petite: Zia Rose
Shar-petite: Gabriella Smotrich
Shar-petite: Marissa Wolfsheimer
Lifeguard, Wildcat & Lava Springs Employee: Conrad Mazur
Talent Show Contestant/Featured Dancer:
Dylan Hoffinger
Katherine Houk
Eric Huckabee
Talent Show Contestant: Hailey Mashburn and Christine Sale
Wildcats & Lava Springs Employees:
Lauren Adams
Erica Ashkenasi
Mackenzie Bath
Jordan Battaglia
Katrina Beaven
Talia Berkstein
Alyssa Bradshaw
Elanna Butler
Jesse Carpentier
Victoria Celano
Annie Charlat
Myles Collinson
Serena Cosway
Danielle Crane
Julia Davidson
Rebecca Engel
Kristina Gigl
Brianna Goldstein
Andrew Golub
Jamie Golub
Danya Greenberg
Elisa Hamm
Catriona Heavey
Morgan Hubers
Devyn Krevat
Heather Loegering
Erin Love
Aubrey Niegocki
Alexa Querin
Abby Richard
Eli Rubenstein
Jessica Samuels
Samantha Tullie
Malia Wooten

Director: Rayme Sciaroni
Choreographer: Peter Kalivas
Stage Manager: Veronica Jensen-Chavez
Lighting Designer: Andrew Miller
Sound Designer: Ginge Cox
Costume Designer: Lisa Forrest
Set Design: Christopher Lee Phillips


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