The Odd Couple (Male Version)
by The Highland Players

It’s the Neil Simon classic that went on not only to the big screen, but for several years on the small screen as well. And was then transformed with a “female version.” It’s The Odd Couple, exploring a friendship between opposites that gets put to the test when one moves in with the other. And The Highland Players at Helix High in La Mesa are currently staging both the male and the female version in rep.

The male version features the names that are synonymous with the show – Felix and Oscar. Oscar Madison is the slob who has been divorced for years and hosts a regular poker game with the guys. He lets his despondent, recently divorced friend Felix Unger into his apartment, and comes face-to-face with a neat freak who turns Oscar’s apartment, and his life, upside down.

Nate Howard stars as Oscar, and he seems as comfortable in the role as an old, dirty shoe. Great timing and personality that feels very authentic whether he’s hanging with the guys, trying to score with the gals, or getting ready to kill his new roommate. And it is during one of the latter instances when he displays another special skill, throwing a pickle at Felix with enough accuracy and velocity to bank it off a wall and through the kitchen window.

Austin Potts stars as the pickle-dodging Felix, creating a pensive, nerdy, and fragile soul who will keep things clean if it kills him. Even if the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work at first, as it didn’t on opening night, but that didn’t stop Austin from pushing it back and forth, determined to at least try. He also shines during the show’s hilarious “date scene.” When the lovely, fun, flirty Pigeon sisters (Hannah Hedgecock and Devin Kapalla) from upstairs come down for a double-date, Felix is ready to throw a wet blanket of depression on Oscar’s more animated plans. But what literally got wet was the bowl of chips when a decanter of water accidentally tipped over, leaving Felix to offer a politely disgusted Cecily some “soggy chips.”

The rest of the cast is rounded out by the collection of poker buddies (Dixon Hale, Gabriel Garcia, Shaun Taylor Morgan, and Andrew Milholland) who do well with their banter and in portraying a good cross-section of our odd male gender.

Performs November 13 - 21, 2008.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Speed: Andrew Milholland
Murray: Dixon Hale
Vinnie: Gabriel Garcia
Roy: Shaun Taylor Morgan
Oscar Madison: Nate Howard
Felix Unger: Austin Potts
Gwendolyn Pigeon: Hannah Hedgecock
Cecily Pigeon: Devin Kapalla

Director: Gregg Osborn
Scenic Design: Amy Reams
Lighting Design: Kevin Koppman-Gue
Technical Direction: Paul Reams
Costume Design: Gregg Osborn and Maxine Osborn
Stage Managers: Rosie Chavez-Frank and Dee Anna Espanol


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