It’s Charles Schultz’s beloved characters from his two-dimensional comic strip come to life on stage in the musical Snoopy! And in Greasepaint’s production in Scottsdale, Arizona, the two-dimensional characters are on stage as well, present in the form of life-sized cutouts of the characters as pieces of the show’s set. It’s from behind these that the appropriate live performers pop out and get Greasepaint’s final show of the 2008-2009 Season popping. 

Director Laurie Trygg both directs and choreographs this one, and she’s put together a show that is perpetually entertaining with a natural feel for the comedy and lots of creative staging. Her cast is led by Evan Tyler Wilson as the top dog, and he fills his role with great personality, humor, and a voice that can belt it out. He shines as The Big Bow-Wow and leading the others in the well-staged The Ghost Writer. 

But despite all that talent and several vain attempts, the girls in the cast still won’t let him into their I Know Now tune, an exploration as to what the six-year-olds would do if they could go back and do their six years over again knowing all that they know now (which includes Taylor Stephens singing her “You can’t ever win with your mother” line right to her mother in the audience). Tomboy girl Peppermint Patty has talented college student Carter Tholl headlining her desire for a Hurry Up, Face and then giving Charlie Brown good grief with her Poor Sweet Baby ballad. On the other end of the cast’s age spectrum is second grader Sam Primack who has already performed in nineteen stage productions, in this one performing a hilarious mating dance that is coolly dismissed by Emily. 

Elsewhere is Julianna Alkabado as the vain and obnoxious Lucy, a delightfully three-year-oldish Carrie Braver as Miss Sally Brown leading the cast in the vibrant Don’t be Anything Less Than Everything You Can Be, Ryan Kitowski holding a Vigil as Linus, and the uber-dynamic Rebekah Burnham as Violet kicking off the second act by leading the cast in Dime a Dozen. 

Oh yes, and then there’s poor Charlie Brown. Shawn Hathcock is our lovable loser and crossing guard who sings a wistful and heartfelt Where Did That Little Dog Go, then follows it up by turning the line “Do you really think you can fool Santa Claus?” into a far funnier line by accidentally substituting “fool” with “feel.” 

Whether or not you really think it’s permissible to feel up Santa, Greasepaint and the entire ensemble make every moment and every character count in this charming trip through the Peanuts strip.

Performs May 8 - 24, 2009

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Roy: Alec Alabado
Lucy: Julianna Alabado
Pig Pen: Will Bates
Sally: Carrie Braver
Joe Richkid: David Buehrle
Violet: Rebekah Burnham
Rerun: Maxx Carlisle-King
Frieda: Tay Coben
Charlie Brown: Shawn Hathcock
Truffles: Barrette Janney
Linus: Ryan Kitkowski
Marcie: Lexi Lewis
Schroeder: Dallas Mogensen
Thibault: Nick Olson
5: Tyler Pounds
Woodstock: Sam Primack
Patricia: Marissa Rodgers
Eudora: Tasha Spear
Peggy Jean: Lindsey Stegemoller
Emily: Taylor Stephens
Peppermint Patty: Carter Tholl
Shermy: Nick Webb
Snoopy: Evan Tyler Wilson

Director/Choreographer: Laurie Trygg
Music Director: Alan J. Plado
Production Stage Manager: Janice Guerrero
Assistant Music Director: Mary Ellen Loose
Assistant Choreographer: Laura Christian
Technical Director/Scenic Designer: David Weiss
Lighting Designer: Jon Gentry
Sound Designer: Casey Weiler
Costume Designer: Jean Aiken
Hair/Make-up Designer: Johanna Carlisle
Properties Designer: Eric Chapman
Scenic Artist: Mike Maas


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