Jocks, brainiacs, and drama geeks – all the cliques of high school converge when Gabriella and Troy decide to defy peer pressure from their respective friends and try out for the high school show. The result: Disney’s High School Musical, the hit movie turned into a stage production that over the coming months will probably be the most-produced show in high schools and youth theatres across the country. This one takes us to Scottsdale, Arizona and Greasepaint Youtheatre.

Krystina Alabado is Gabriella Montez, a math whiz new to East High. Which is where basketball star Troy Bolton (Devon Nickel as an unassuming jock) attends, the guy she met on vacation at a ski lodge. Gabriella has an outstanding singing voice, and she and Devon share some fine duets together, especially Breaking Free. But High School Musical is very much an ensemble piece, and there are lots of colorful supporting characters.

Katie Wilson and Brian Wible star as the hilariously prima donna twins Sharpay and Ryan Evans, and they are just as “fabulous” as they claim to be. Katie Wilson is a triple threat with a terrific sense of over-the-top comedy that she doles out while working to get what she wants – the starring role and the starring basketball player. Brian Wible is equal to the task of his dominating, minutes-older twin sister. Their Bop to the Top is tops.

Other standouts include the highly talented Alexandra Ncube as Gabriella’s brainiac best friend Taylor Mckessie who has a natural feel for her character and is a dynamic dancer. Paul Thomson is a charismatic school DJ, Olivia Manning is the humble playwright, and Brandon Tewalt is Troy’s amusing best friend Chad Danforth.

The ensemble demonstrates great humor in rehearsal impersonating various animals, a more serious tone in the anti-peer pressure Stick to the Status Quo number, and an enormous amount of energy throughout – especially in the finale We’re All in This Together. Mixed in are a couple adult actors including Angela Yates as an amusingly eccentric but devoted drama teacher and Jack Pauly as Troy’s father, an ultra-determined basketball coach who gets the show started and finished with the blow of his whistle, but runs into trouble when he tries to run his son’s life the same way.

Performs February 9 - 25, 2007.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Troy Bolton: Devon Nickel
Gabriella Montez: Krystina Alabado
Sharpay Evans: Katie Wilson
Ryan Evans: Brian Wible
Taylor Mckessie: Alexandra Ncube
Chad Danforth: Brandon Tewalt
Kelsi Neilson: Olivia Manning
Jack Scott: Paul Thomson
Zeke Baylor: Billy Nichols
Martha Cox: Rebecca Eileen Franz
Skater Dude: Matt Cordon
James/Thespian: David Buehrle
Susan: Caitlin Stegemoller
Cathy/Thespian: Lindsey Stegemoller
Alan: Sean Lynam
Cyndra: Courtney Barnes
Performance Art Kid #1/Thespian: Alex Aiken
Performance Art Kid #2/Thespian: Julian McCleary
Performance Art Kid #3: Jessica Berman

Sean Lynam
Nick Olsen
Stephen O'Brian Sullivan
Phil Walker

Cheerleader, Captain: Taylor Wible
Jonnie Allen
Jessica Berman
Peyton Jordan
Kacey Miller
Gabriella Ncube
Shannon Pauly
Carolina Pena
Amanda Snyder
Caitlin Stegemoller
Allison Stranberg

Courtney Barnes
Nathan Hitchcock
Lexi Lewis
Kelly Marie Montoya
Rebecca Smith
Rafael Eduardo Valle
Nicole Warrington

Brookie Allen
Terri Cohen
Niki Damaso
Rosie De Queljoe
Carrie Dougher
Christoffer Robin Wagener

Ms. Darbus: Angela Yates
Coach Bolton: Jack Pauly
Ms. Tenny/Moderator: Cathy Cordon

Director: Toni Fioramonti
Choreographer: Kristina Nagaran
Musical Director: April De Luna
Set Designer: Douglas Clarke
Lighting Designer: Bob Nelson
Sound Designer: April De Luna
Costume and Properties Designer: Toni Fioramonti, Angela Yates
Stage Manager: Pete Bish


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