Guys and Dolls
by Encore Youth Theatre

New York City. Itís where saints and sinners, and guys and dolls, collide. And fall in love. As the odds are they are going to do in this classic musical by Frank Loesser that features one of the great scores of all time including A Fugue for Tin Horns, Iíve Never Been in Love Before, Luck Be a Lady Tonight, and the title song.

Encore Youth Theatre, under the direction of Jennifer McCormick, is putting Guys and Dolls on at the Avo Playhouse in Vista. Her cast includes the confident Theo Nicholson as gambler Sky Masterson who gets suckered into a bet that he canít take holy roller Sarah Brown (Kelly Derouin), the head of a Christian mission, to dinner in Havana. They share their best scene in Havana when Sarah gets her bell rung with some Bacardi-flavored milk, with her If I Were a Bell number and Skyís reaction to it humorously portrayed.

The other guy-and-doll couple includes Jacob Jones as a high-strung, nervous Nathan Detroit and Caitlyn Schock as an Adelaide who gets amusingly angry and does a nice job with the voice Ė and has a sneeze that could shatter glass. She also leads a group of talented Hot Box Girls at the nightclub where they almost make their overly zealous boyfriends Take Back Your Mink.

Terrific performances by Sergio Luna as Nicely Nicely and Eddie Velez as Rusty Charlie, Nathan Detroitís two top sidekicks in his floating crap game business, top off the show. They make a great team throughout, highlighted by their Guys and Dolls number. And Sergio, with his high-pitched voice and humor, leads the cast in their enthusiastic Sit Down, Youíre Rockiní the Boat.

That cast includes notable performances by Tamlin Thompson as Lt. Brannigan breathing down the neck of Nathan and Sydney Darling as Sarahís mission friend Arvide Abernathy who says much with subtle expressions including her glow when she feels the religious spirit of her mission work. The guys do a fine job in the big Luck Be a Lady number choreographed by Allisan Whitman. The fight choreography is also good in the Havana nightclub scene. Director Jennifer McCormick adds a clever touch when dolls Sarah and Adelaide combine for Marry the Man Today, with Sky and Nathan on the sidelines acting out the perfect husbands that Sarah and Adelaide want to change their gambling guys into.

Performs September 15-24, 2006.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Sky Masterson: Theo Nicholson
Nathan Detroit: Jacob Jones
Sarah Brown: Kelly Derouin
Miss Adelaide: Caitlyn Schock
Nicely Nicely: Sergio Luna
Benny Southstreet: Eddie Velez
Rusty Charlie: Ryan Kwock
Harry the Horse: Ryan Hunt
Lt. Brannigan: Tamlin Thompson
Big Jule: Austin Bulis
Arvide Abernathy: Sydney Darling
General Cartwright: Coryne Carnohan
Angie the Ox/Waiter: Mikey Sterling
Joey Biltmore/Society Max: Matthew Vaught
Scranton Slim/Master of Ceremonies: Kyle Schanzenbach
Liver Lips Louis: Jackson Rodewald
Brandy Bottle Bates: Micah Millard
The Greek: Simon Stewart
Mimi: Brooke Wojdynski
Agatha: Cecia Sabelis

Hot Box Girls/Dolls:
Allie Bingham
Adabela Bonillo
Katie Johnson
Lizzy Palmer
Natalie Shapiro
Valerie Stewart
Kristin Strange
Brooke Wojdynski

Samantha Cochran
Kelsey Cole
Crystal Cummings
Bridget Estelle
Katie Jones
Stephanie Kellogg
Amber Lentulo
Tabitha Neal
Kelly Putignani
Cecia Sabelis
Hannah Sazon
Allie Schmelter
Laura Sterling
Rebecca Sterling

Haley Blair
Jalie Fransway
Kathryn Webb

Girl Gamblers:
Allie Bingham
Kelsey Cole
Tabitha Neal
Laura Sterling
Kristin Strange
Brooke Wojdynski

Havana Dancers:
Ryan Kwock
Lizzy Palmer
Valerie Stewart
Tamlin Thompson
Matthew Vaught
Brooke Wojdynski

Director: Jennifer McCormick
Choreography: Allisan Whitman
Orchestra Conductor: Jeff Lehman
Lighting Designer: Nate Cargill
Stage Manager: Annelise Threlkeld
Sound Design: Stephen Dennis


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