The Little Mermaid
by East Valley Children's Theatre

Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Little Mermaid has seen many incarnations, from the tragic to this fun little Disney-like trip under the sea by R. Eugene Jackson with music by Carl Alette performed by the East Valley Children’s Theatre.

Director Emily Mulligan-Ferry’s production is an enchanting one with several laughs and beautiful visuals highlighted by Daniel Davisson’s gorgeous lighting effects, Thomas Gilseth’s scenic work, and Cheryl Gerle’s fanciful costumes. Those costumes feature the mermaid fins that are connected to the wrist, giving a gentle swimming motion with the smooth movements of the performers as they tread water or dance to Jennifer Duxbury’s choreography.

The talented cast is led by Rachel Grimes as Anemone, the little mermaid. Rachel gets a lot out of the role with an easy sense of humor and lovely vocals, bringing both to bear in The Songs I Sing as she flirts with the statue of a human being, and later with a real human being – the easygoing and likeable Prince Theodore (Warren Lewis).

She’s surrounded with several other colorful characters. Clams, always known for their outrageous personalities, have found the most outrageous of all with the vain and flamboyant Clem Clam, with physical comedian Andrew Gatti going all out for the laughs as he provides much comic relief for the audience and loyal, if nervous, support for his best friend Anemone. But not all are friends to Anemone. Most notably, the evil Sea Witch (Colleen O’Connor) and her minions Rip Tide (Alexis Roberge) and Zip Tide (Hannah Singleton) who shine together in their entertaining A Very Modest Fee number featuring the diva Sea Witch and her backup singing minions.

The show includes several other featured roles that add comedy to the production. Many of the best lines go to Georgina, a young woman mistaken for the one who saves the prince, and who isn’t too interested in the guy until she realizes he’s a prince. Karissa Anderson is a riot with great personality and timing as she deals with the prince, her poor boyfriend Borgy (Noah Gallego), and her clever friend Clara (Sarah Kleppe). Other memorable performances are delivered by grandma (Layna Lawson), an obsessed chef (Ricky Mason) who protects his cake over his life, Anemone’s amusing sisters, and a vibrant ensemble of sea creatures that bring the underwater realm to life.

Performed June 18 - 28, 2009

Rob Hopper
Executive Director
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Anemone: Rachel Grimes
Shelley: Caitlin Schow
Sandy: Asijah Adolph
Pearly: Lisa Travis
Misty: Emily Falk
Bubbly: Madison Vigiletti
Clem Clam: Andrew Gatti
Sea Witch: Colleen O'Connor
Rip Tide: Alexis Roberge
Zip Tide: Hannah Singleton
King Neptune: Zeke Whiting
Grandmother: Layna Lawson
Fish: Benji Taylor
Prince Theodore: Warren Lewis
Pierre, The Cook: Ricky Mason
First Mate/Palace Court: Cody Kibel
Georgina: Karissa Anderson
Clara: Sarah Kleppe
Borgy: Noah Gallego
Minister: Lauren Iudiciani
Sailors/Palace Court:
Daniel Evans
Zach Kobza
Erick Deyden
Quinton Redmond
Cody Hawley
Sea Creatures/Palace Court:
Ava Gallego
Jamie Fossenkemper
Elli Howard
Sarah Johnson
Hailey Johnson
Sidne Phillips
Katelynn Eldredge

Director: Emily Mulligan-Ferry
Stage Manager: Nikki DePriest
Music Director/Sound and Props Deign: Karen Rolston
Choreographer: Jennifer Duxbury
Costume Design: Cheryl Gerle
Make-Up/Hair Design: Beth Rollins
Scenic Design: Thomas Gilseth
Lighting Design: Daniel Davisson


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