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Huff 'n Puff: The Story of Three Pigs
by East Valley Children's Theatre

The Show: 

Itís the three little pigs versus a hungry wolf. Although, in this case, the primary motivation of the homebuilding hogs is to woo Miss Prissy, the belle of The Seventh Annual Miss Pretty Pig Pageant. Written by long-time EVCT alum and frequent playwright contributor C. Lynn Johnson with music and lyrics by Kathie McMahon, in this entertaining new version of the tale a well-built house might deny BB Wolf some hams and get one of those hams a honeymoon.  

The Production:  

Petey, Porker, and Pee Wee (Jake Olson, Raini Hawkins, and Nick Williams) are enjoyable throughout as the three little pigs who go to the market when Ma and Pa (Kacey Cavanagh and Tyler Briggs) are too busy. Jake gives Petey the persona of a hard-working pig with big dreams, including the same dream of marrying the beautiful Miss Prissy that all the male pigs have. Much to the disappointment of his best friend Pepper, with Jessica Hughes as a very lovable tomboy whose unrequited love is taking its toll on her. Lisa Travis is the amusingly vain and flirty Miss Prissy who, when being chased by BB Wolf, claims to be too beautiful to be a ham.  

Collin Anderson is said BB Wolf who relishes his villainous role, and isnít above dressing up in sheepís clothing as homeowner association representative Miss Sadie in order to catch his prey. Nathaniel Ross is a hit as the wolfís charismatic sidekick skunk who together are feeling like the Top Banana. While elsewhere, Casey Pettyjohn is a great physical comedian as a paranoid rooster who canít find the sun, McKenzie Elias and Michael Rae Borrmann join Miss Prissy as humorous beauty pageant princess pigs, and Erin Ross, Samantha Richins, and Abigail Marshall are your quintessential HOA board members eagerly taking it upon themselves to look out for the good of the community.  

The entire cast entertains as quirky barnyard animals got up in Barbara Jakuckiís wide variety of costumes with good makeup and hair by Beth Mosey, all set amidst Erin Petersí barnyard market set that naturally includes vendors of straw, twigs, and bricks.

Performed June 20 - 30, 2013

Rob Hopper

Executive Director
National Youth Arts

~ Cast ~ 

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Pa: Tyler Briggs
Ma: Kacey Cavanagh
Petey: Jake Olson
Porker: Raini Hawkins
Pee Wee: Nick Williams
Pat: Caitlin Freeman
Pattie: Isabella Chook
Patsy: Elizabeth Schaible
Pepper: Jessica Hughes
Shem: Nathaniel Ross
BB Wolf: Collin Anderson
Prissy: Lisa Travis
Pru: McKenzie Elias
Piper: Michael Rae Borrmann
Mayor Tom: Sam Cook
Radley: Casey Pettyjohn
Harry Horse: Steven Enriquez
Clancy Cow: Faith Sterling
Goober Gopher: Jacob Payne
Gary Goat: Garrett Aiken
Doug Duck: Jordan Harb
Sadie Sheep: Erin Ross
Gilly Goose: Samantha Richins
Clarice Chicken: Abigail Marshall
Doris Donkey: Suzy Olson
Lizzie Lamb: Mackenzie Perry
Chuckie Chick: Hayden Schomer
Robbie Rabbit: Leonel Gallegos
Grace Gosling: Jessica Yan
Katie Cat: Melissa Grieve

Director: Joel Cranson
Music Director/Sound/Props: Karen Rolston
Stage Manager: Katie Olsen
Assistant Stage Manager: Amber Shepard
Choreographer: Jennifer Duxbury
Costume Design: Barbara Jakucki
Make Up/Hair Design: Beth Mosey
Set Design: Erin Peters
Lighting Design: Martin Zavala


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