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The Story of Hansel and Gretel
by East Valley Children's Theatre

The Show: 

Before there was Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, there were two lost young siblings who found a house hidden deep in the woods made out of candy and gingerbread. Being lost and hungry and having a natural affinity for sweets, the kids walk right into the witch’s trap. Where, it turns out, the witch is hungry too. This ancient fairy tale, popularized by the Grimm Brothers, gets a lighter retelling in this fun, fresh musical with book by Vera Morris and music and lyrics Bill Francouer. 

The Production: 

East Valley Children’s Theatre stages this entertaining little fairy tale with its usual high production values under the direction of Emily Mulligan-Ferry. Set Designer Tom Gilseth takes us from the quaint village where the witch is considered a legend meant to scare children, through the forest and into the delicious-looking gingerbread house where the fates of Hansel, Gretel, and the very real witch will be decided. Also awaiting the outcome are several live Gingerbread Cookies – former child victims of the witch who could soon be her next meal, all dressed up in just some of the many enchanting creations by Costume Designer Barbara Jakucki.  

It also features a talented younger cast with a few high school students sprinkled in. Ten-year-old Leonel Gallegos is a highly charismatic and impulsive Hansel. Twelve-year-old Rachel Primrose stars as Gretel, a kind and cautious older sister, and also fairly clever. Good thing, too. As Kelly Nicole clearly enjoys taunting and tormenting her victims as an entertainingly evil witch with a very bad sweet tooth. And an impatient sweet tooth at that, leading to the amusing scene as she gets increasingly irritated with Gretel as the little girl claims confusion as to how exactly an oven works.  

Along the way we meet several other colorful characters. Kylie Burge and Connor Applegarth make a great duo as evil minions Frick and Frack, punctuated by Frick’s hilarious laugh at their boss’s bad jokes. Warning the kids of danger is Erin Ross as an eccentric gypsy. Calvin Mugge’s characterization and use of voice makes for an amusing Troll. Hansel and Gretel’s journey through the forest is eased by the gentle, mesmerizing Dew Princess (Ashlyn Riggs), Owl (Rachel Carder), Echo (Emma Aguirre), and Sandman (Dillon MacLay). Shannon Needham and Quinton Redmond are frustrated and exhausted parents. And the ensemble of villagers and gingerbread cookies do a nice job either celebrating in the village or whipping up a bit of tasty Hocus Pocus.

Performed June 14 - 24, 2012

Rob Hopper

Executive Director
National Youth Arts

~ Cast ~ 

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Hansel: Leonel Gallegos
Gretel: Rachel Primrose
Frederick: Jordan Harb
Susie: Calabria Pelletier
Johanna: Alexa Buttafuoco
Lydia: Erin Ross
Frick: Kylie Burge
Frack: Connor Applegarth
Witch: Kelly Nicole
Mother: Shannon Needham
Father: Quinton Redmond
Troll: Calvin Mugge
Owl: Rachel Carder
Dew Princess: Ashlyn Riggs
Echo: Emma Aguirre
Sandman: Dillon MacLay
Frau Rosmer: Jade Pettit
Village Children/Cookies:
Isabella Chook
Emma Quinlan
Afton Allred
Maxwell Chase
Chloe Hardy
Elissa LaVia
Archer Nicholson
Grace Ortiz
Abby Potts
Alexi Vogel
Alaina Ortiz-LaVia
Caroline McGlasson
Clara Nagy
Alexis Odell
Kevin Poppell
Samantha Richins

Director: Emily Mulligan-Ferry
Music Director/Sound/Props: Karen Rolston
Stage Manager: Katie Olsen
Assistant Stage Manager: Bradley Carter
Choreographer: James Mariano
Assistant Choreographer: Connor Wince
Costume Design: Barbara Jakucki
Make Up/Hair Design: Beth Mosey
Set Design: Thom Gilseth
Lighting Design: Daniel Davisson


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