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Little Shop of Horrors
by El Camino High School

El Camino High School theatre department always has the talent to pull off tremendous musicals and Little Shop of Horrors is no exception. Sharon Strong and co-Director Matthew Gherra directed a talented cast of high school actors.

Little Shop of Horrors is a musical comedy driven by a 50's score and some dark humor. The book and lyrics were written by Howard Ashman and the music by Alan Menken. The story is about Seymour, an employee of a Florist shop who discovers an exotic plant that thrives off the blood of humans. The plant, which is named Audrey II, is an overnight sensation that draws several customers to the once down and out shop on Skid Row. However, the price of
this new-found success is high.

Jonah Duhe was perfect as the nerdy Seymour; he brought just enough nerd and charm that led you to care about his character. Duhe gave Seymour the depth and charm needed. He is especially “nervous” around his love interest, Audrey, who was played by the lovely Lily Boyd. Ms. Boyd is a great actress, and brought depth to her character. Her rendition of “Somewhere That's Green” was moving. You felt sorry for her anytime her abusive boyfriend Orin Scrivello (Alex Gonzales), the creepy and sadistic dentist showed up on the scene.

Bryan Sanchez was a fantastic Mushnik. He possessed the maturity level required for the role as well as the fatherly image to Seymour. One of my favorite, as well as one of the funniest numbers in the show was “Mushnik and Son.” On the other side of warmth was Alex Gonzales' Orin, who was immediately disliked due to his disparaging treatment of sweet Audrey. He certainly was funny but definitely not missed when Audrey II (Nako Te'i/ Oman Hernandez) had him for dinner. Which brings up the other extremely funny number in the show, “Now, It's Just the Gas.”

Leeza Cruz and Maggie Allen (Chiffon), Rozz Srabi and Marlin Colli (Crystal), and Moeka Quindoy and Kayana Herndon (Ronnette) moved the story along very well. Other supporting roles included Adam Jarrah as Mr. Chang and Mr. Bernstein, Amalia Neil as Ms. Luce, and Christopher Simmons as Skip Snip. A big kudos to the puppeteers of Audrey II, Claire Bires, Renny Murphy and Megan Woodson.

The sets were simple, costumes appropriate and the talent remarkable. Choreographer Hanz Enyeart did a fine job with the cast and their abilities.

I strongly suggest if you are ever in the neighborhood of Oceanside and desiring to see a great show, check to see if El Camino High School is putting a show on because you will not be disappointed.

Performed March 20 - 28, 2015

D. Jacqueline Young
National Youth Arts Reviewer

~ Cast ~ 

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Chiffon: Leeza Cruz, Maggie Allen
Crystal: Rozz Srabi, Marilin Colli
Ronnette: Moeka Quindoy, Kayana Herndon
Mushnik: Bryan Sanchez
Audrey: Lily Boyd
Seymour: Jonah Duhe
Skid Row Occupants, Derelicts and Ensemble: 
Adam Jarrah
Alexis Turner
Amalia Neil
Amanda Scott
Anna Hakes
Angel Gutierrez
Cemelli Yatsil Espitia
Christopher Simmons
Francine Mottola
Gabby Lupola
Guadalupe Ortiz
Jackson Koshley
Jacquelynn Reil
Jasmine Torres
Jillian Thomas
Katie Farhood
Maia Acosta
Miranda Jiang
Nathan Williams
Nika Potapova
Rachel Garcia
Sean Pura
Steven Avalos Montes
Tane Te’i
Orin Scrivello: Alex Gonzales
Mr. Chang and Mr. Bernstein: Adam Jarrah
Audrey II-Voice: Nako Te’i, Oman Hernandez 
Ms. Luce: Amalia Neil
Skip Snip: Christopher Simmons
Puppeteers: Claire Bires, Renny Murphy, Megan Woodson
Understudies: Grace Faver- Audrey, *Andrew Banderas- Seymour


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