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All Shook Up
by El Camino High School

Natalie, a small-town second-generation grease monkey, dreams of a hunk a hunk of Burning Love, and gets All Shook Up when motorcycle Roustabout Chad rumbles in, shaking the sleepy town down to its pelvis. Yes, it’s the jukebox musical featuring the singular sound of Elvis. And Director Sharon Strong’s group at El Camino High School in Oceanside hits this one on all cylinders with a lot of talent, a lot of love, and a lot of rock.

El Camino High has more than their fair share of talented actors and singers. Leading the way is the crazy-talented sophomore Helena Marie Woods featuring tremendous vocal and comedic skills as Natalie/Ed with a hilarious One Night with You as she ogles new guy Chad, getting herself so worked up during Follow That Dream that she has to cool herself off with an air compressor, leading the Gals in demanding A Little Less Conversation, and knocking Brand New Fool out of the park. Based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, she woos Chad disguised as “Ed,” becoming best buddies with him before Chad starts becoming uncomfortably attracted to him/her, and Wayne Higgs is a hit as he coolly cruises through Roustabout, leads such headliners as Jailhouse Rock and All Shook Up, and gets very shaken up when he finds himself falling for “Ed” with some amusing soul searching in I Don’t Want To.

Other amazing voices and performances include the hilarious Kimberly Moore as Lorraine who falls for the uptight mayor’s son Dean (John Givens) out of Romeo and Juliet sans the tragedy, the two of them leading a cheesy and memorable It’s Now or Never scene that features a bus separating the two lovebirds, with the bus driver playing up the fact that he doesn’t need to drive or hold up the bus façade (playfully driving with no hands, waving his hat, and covering his eyes). Lorraine’s mom Sylvia is played by Jessica Duron who has a great song battle with Lorraine in That’s Alright and combines for some nice scenes with Natalie’s dad (Austin Cook). Meanwhile, Shelby Caughron is the super-hot museum curator Miss Sandra who has the town’s entire male population feigning interest in art history, Shelby nailing the big vocals including a terrific number of Let Yourself Go accompanied by some hip statues adorned by clever costumes. Not so hip is nerdy Dennis, best friend and wannabe lover of Natalie, and Matt Berry is a riot as an over-the-top nerd with his body language and timing as he latches onto new friend Chad while pining for Natalie, culminating in a hysterical confession of love.

But not everyone is so enamored of all this love crap. Allyson Francis is a holy hit as the prudish, segregationist Mayor Matilda Hyde who gets shaken up in a different way as she loses control of her son and the town, leading a revivalist You’re the Devil in Disguise that includes the ensemble as angels pitted against pitchfork-wielding devils. All backed up by a crack band, that ensemble is dynamite with their singing and dancing and energy throughout, from the big Jailhouse Rock opening to the closing Burning Love.

Performed March 19 - 28, 2010  

Rob Hopper

Executive Director
National Youth Arts

~ Cast ~

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Chad: Wayne Higgs
Natalie Haller/Ed: Helena Woods
Sylvia: Jessica Duron
Jim Haller: Austin Cook
Miss Sandra: Shelby Caughron
Dennis: Matt Berry
Lorraine: Kimberly Moore
Dean Hyde: John Givens
Mayor Matilda Hyde: Allyson Francis
Sheriff Earl: Aryon Arnold
Venus: Hayden Little

Yessenia Barrios-Cruz
Dominique Biela-Bell
Hunter Bowen
Rebecca Cortes
Jeannine Gonzales
Audry Jones
McKenzie Kruse
Carly Kuhlman
Reden Magtira
Jocelyn Mendez
Jessica Michaels
Hareer Mohammandie
Michael Motherhead
Efrain Nava
Devin Talley
Kelly Zimbelman

Featured Dancers:
Demi Boyd
Jenny Dowlan
Kaitlyn Gurrera
Dominique Henry
Shelby Irwin
Jillian Kenchel
Chloe Lemenager
Geneva Porter
Karsen Rogers
Alisa Wyman

Chamber Choir:
Claudia Ahumada
Cailin Block
Bethany Borden
Heather Bradley
Alexandra Cabebe
Ashley Cabebe
Karina Coscuna
Thania Garcia
Diano Hatch
Jarleton Hope
Savannah Fairchild-Lowe
Meagan Mapes
Carman Molifua
Allen Nisperos
Kristen Rapp
Cynthis Real
Jesi Robbins
Deondra Smith
Erik Taylor
Brittney Van Vleet
Cheray Watts
Yasmine Willis
Jennifer Yamamoto

Director: Sharon Strong
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Stacey Brizeno
Vocal Director: Debbie Nicastro
Technical Director: Adam Weibe
Choreographer: Kimberly Moore/Demi Boyd
Sound Design/Operator: Alex Rosales
Light Design: Adam Wiebe
Light Board Operator: Jackie Magos
Deck Manager: Jesse Jenkins
Fly Rail: Jesse Jenkins
Artistic Coordinator: Wes Fant
Makeup Coordinator: Allyson Francis
Set Graphic Designer: Nate Strong
Motorcycle Prop Manager: Billy Kehle



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