High School Musical 2
by Christian Youth Theater

It’s the sequel to Disney’s big hit High School Musical, this one taking place the summer after basketball star Troy Bolton and brainiac new girl Gabriella Montez found romance while auditioning for their high school musical. Now they’re trying to keep their romance clicking while making a bit of cash working at the Lava Springs Country Club. An exclusive club unfortunately owned by the father of Sharpay Evans, the theatre diva who last year got beat out for Troy and the lead in the school play for, like, the first time in her life. This summer she’s still intent on Troy, while also looking to win the country club’s big talent show.

Director Janie Russell and Christian Youth Theater-South County staged this one at the beautiful Mater Dei Catholic High School theatre. Kevin McDonald is Troy, shining in the Bet On It scene as he does some soul searching about choosing scholarships over friends. He also has a humorous moment when one of his basket shots bounces off the rim and heads offstage. When the ball gets bounced back to him by an unseen force, Kevin catches the ball and glances back offstage, silently gesturing to his friends like that ghostly happening was kind of weird. Jordan Olson is a sweet and kind Gabriella with a sense of humor and good voice for Gotta Go My Own Way.

Sharpay is more than willing to help her on her way. Taylor Keene uses her voice very effectively, from the operatic to a throaty growl, whatever it takes to try to get what she wants with a Veruca Salt determination, with callous disregard to her fellow high school peers, her golf carts, and even to the audience when she prepares to drive a golf ball into the audience. Her twin brother Ryan thankfully stops her and points out that there are people out there. Paul Stine is Ryan who shows off his dancing skills in I Don’t Dance.

Some of the other standouts include Lauren Gray who has good comic timing as Ms. Fulton, the only adult character in the show. Ivanna Quiceno and Raelene Herrera have some great voices we get a glimpse of in You are the Music in Me. And the large ensemble keeps the energy high in all their numbers that include a hilarious talent show contest featuring an acrobatic accordion player, as well as a creative and fun Humuhumunukunukuapua’a scene including little girls who have fun “being the palm tree,” fighting, goofing, and going all out in their efforts. Not to mention the big opening and closing scenes that bookend the show with lively, summer-like enthusiasm.

Performed November 6 - 8, 2009.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Troy Bolton: Kevin McDonald
Gabriella Montez: Jordan Olson
Sharpay Evans: Taylor Keene
Ryan Evans: Paul Stine
Chad Danforth: Jake Gardner
Taylor McKessie: Briele Feria
Kelsi Nielsen: Ivanna Quiceno
Zeke Baylor: Landen Baldwin
Jack Scott: Jesse Olson
Martha Cox: Raelene Herrera
Ms. Fulton: Lauren Gray
Ripper: Dale Jones
Jason Jones: Joseph Creedon
Jorge Sevilla: Adam Lopez
Ramona Garcia: Jazmine Ruiz
Marlie Roberts: Sarah Bailey
Ms. Darbus: Julia Collins

Genesis Barbosa-Padilla
Cari Callen
Isabella Cebreros
Monica Escalante
Yazmin Godines
Amy Wawryzinski

Maria-Silvia Alonso
Mia Apalategui
Rebecca Jones
Claire Trickey
Vida Vasquez
Brittany Weilersbacher

Makeup Artists:
Joy Feria
Elizabeth Figueroa
Brittani Garcia
Ariella Kvashny
Hannah Mason
Megan Weilersbacher

Pool Boys:
Evan Beck
Edgar Cortez
Andrew Kelly
TJ Kendrick
Mateo Olmos
Mario Osuna

Talent Show Participants:
Makayla Balders
Julia Collins
Monique Geisen
Zytlali Osuna
Kayla Ruiz
Isabel Sheehan

Shae-Lin Carr
Cassidy Creedon
Nayley Garcia
Madison Graves
Haley Hayse
Rachel Herrera
Gabriella Nathanson
Emily Razo

Parkview Baseball Team:
Makayla Balders
Evan Beck
Julia Collins
Edgar Cortez
Monique Geisen
Andrew Kelly
TJ Kendrick
Mateo Olmos
Mario Osuna
Zytlali Osuna
Kayla Ruiz
Isabel Sheehan

Director: Janie Russell
Musical Director: Paul Plunk
Choreographer: Loxie Grant
Assistant Director: Erin Kelly
Costumer: Lucy Olson
Sound Design: Glen Collins and Yoli Collins
Accompanist: Paul Plunk
Lighting Design: Josh Pontsler


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