Anne of Green Gables
by Christian Youth Theater

The classic Anne of Green Gables books by Lucy Maud Montgomery were transformed into a musical in the 1960s by Donald Harron and Norman Campbell. The story begins when an orphan girl comes to the small Canadian town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island. She goes by the name of Anne (with an ‘e’). She has red hair and freckles. And her singular personality is about to shock the people of Avonlea.

Christian Youth Theater put on an excellent production at the East County Performing Arts Center with the red-haired, freckled, and immensely talented Kaitlyn Terrill in the title role. And she drives the show with her energy and personality, bringing to life Anne Shirley with all her charm, imagination, temper, flair for melodrama, and zest for life despite so often being “in the depths of despair” and having to trudge through “a graveyard of broken hopes.”

Her life in Avonlea almost never happens, as her adoptive parents were expecting the adoption agency to send a boy. But the old, gentle-hearted bachelor Matthew Cuthbert (Jon Smith) falls in love with the girl almost immediately. Winning over his old maid sister Marilla Cuthbert proves to be much more daunting, with Anne Slagill giving a most impressive performance as the prim, prudish lady who initially reacts to Anne’s outbursts with genuine surprise and disdain, then slowly comes to see beyond her closed-minded views.

But can Anne be welcomed into the community of Avonlea? She will be if her new best friend Diana (who has the same name as Anne’s favorite heathen goddess) has anything to do about it, with Alli Faucher delighting as the charming Diana – and as the amusing Diana when she drinks a bit too much of the “raspberry cordial.” Gilbert Blythe (Tim Manns) also likes Anne – much more than she likes him – and delivers a good performance and vocals including his Wondrin’ solo. But the gossipy and jealous Josie Pye isn’t helping, with Meagan Flint leading the terrific ensemble number Did You Hear?. The strong ensemble also delivers a great number to end Act One in the form of some Ice Cream – another amazing new reason Anne of Green Gables finds to be alive regardless of the many depths of despair and graveyards of broken hopes.

Performed February 9-18, 2007.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Anne Shirley: Kaitlyn Terrill
Matthew Cuthbert: Jon Smith
Marilla Cuthbert: Anne Slagill
Gilbert Blythe: Tim Manns
Diana Barry: Alli Faucher
Mrs. Lynde: Mollie Esau
Miss Stacy: Kaley Stine
Mr. Phillips: Jason Mull
Mrs. Blewett: Sara Wright
Josie Pye: Meagan Flint
The Minister: Patrick Gates
Station Master: Marshall Hattersley
Lucilla: Jenna Bailey
Mrs. Spencer: Emily Oswald
Mrs. Barry: Ashley McLaughlin
Mrs. Pye: Camille Kindschi
Mrs. Sloane: Giovanna Bolouki
Mrs. McPherson: Lindsey Davies

Young Ladies of Avonlea:
Prissy Andrews
Shannon Stovall
Ruby Gillis
Stephanie Barton
Tillie Boulter
Chelsea Wyrick
Gertie Pye
Kelli Plaisted

Young Men of Avonlea:
Charlie Stone
Kenny Ramos
Moody McPherson
Jeffrey Mull
Gerry Buote
Bobby Albright
Tommy Sloane
Sean Cabouchola
Malcolm Andrews
Brandon Lisama-Nguyen

Bluett Children/Townspeople:
Ashley Carter
Jamie Fortin
Jennie Melton
Dallas Perry
Caitlin Stanley

School Children:
Heather Armstrong
Hannah Elliott
Cara Filley
Emma Flint
Melissa Fox
Catherine Jones
Makenzie Manns
Ashley Melton
Stephen Moore
Mirian Phalan
Rachel Preddy
Danielle Sanchez
Dori Woodard

Leslie Armstrong
Joanne Barber
Tori Dickerhoff
Jessica Faust
Holly Fletcher
Hayley Ford
Samantha Fortin
Taylor Gallagher
Austin Galloway
Patrick Gates
Sarah Gerhart
Samantha Goff
Melinda Ham
Madison Hendricks
Madeline James
Emily Jardel
Ryan Kaszycki
Anika Kenion
Andrew Morgan
Emily Oswald
Shannon Prendergast
Luree Scott
Christina Seberino
Ashleigh Snow
Sheridan Stanley
Alexis Sumner
Kristin Turner
Sara Wright

Director: Josh Elwell
Musical Director: Janie d'Avignon
Choreographer: Kim Messina
Assistant Director: Wendie Ward
Assistant Musical Director: Charlotte Cantelon
Costumer: Kristin Preddy
Lighting Design: Andrew Pomeroy
Sound Design: Larry Esau


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