Crazy for You
by Central York High School

Emily Shuff and Sean ZortmanCrazy for Gershwin? I Got Rhythm, Embraceable You, Nice Work If You Can Get It, But Not For Me, They Can’t Take That Away From Me, etc. They were all thrown together by Ken Ludwig for this relatively new musical with an old-time feel – a light, fun “boy meets girl, let’s put on a show and save the theatre” story chock-full of great songs and dance numbers that are sure to excite any tap dancer and choreographer.

The story begins in New York where Bobby Child, a banker’s son, is trying to make a life for himself as a Broadway star if he can just get Director Bela Zangler’s attention. When he crashes and burns in front of Zangler, his disappointed, controlling mother threatens to cutoff his allowance if he doesn’t go foreclose on a little theatre out west in Deadrock – a town almost as lively as its name. The liveliest person in Deadrock is Polly Baker, a young woman whose widowed father likes to reminisce about Polly’s mother on stage at their old, closed-down theatre. When Polly hears that a guy named Bobby Child is being sent from the bank to foreclose, she’s ready for him. But Bobby isn’t expecting Polly…

Sean Zortman plays Bobby in Central York High School’s big spring musical. Sean gets the audience behind him as the soft-spoken, pushed-around nice guy still determined to try to live his dream. He finds New York to be a tough town, and Deadrock has its own local lessons to learn, but he’s game to try. And when he immediately falls in love with a woman who iAaron Lewis and Abby Snookmmediately hates him? Well, you just keep trying for the dream. Even if it means putting on a disguise and trying to pass himself off as the one man Polly thinks can save her theatre – the great Bela Zangler. Emily Shuff is Polly, a good-hearted person who seems willing and able to rip out the hearts of anyone who would lay a hand on her theatre. Emily has a lovely voice for her ballads and a strong personality for her fights as she goes after what she wants. Emily and Sean work well together, especially in Embraceable You as Polly aggressively goes after Zangler in disguise, causing some amusing reactions from Bobby/Zangler.

Darrian Rivera is Bela Zangler who delivers half of one of the best scenes in the show when he mirrors a Zangler-disguised Bobby in What Causes That, the two of them mimicking each other with style, humor, and accuracy. Abby Snook is hilarious as Bobby’s long-time fiancé Irene who drops Bobby with gusto when she becomes a Naughty Baby for Deadrock’s bar owner (Aaron Lewis), hog-tying him, riding him horsey-back, and otherwise seducing him, eventually leading one of the local cowboys to hold up half of the previously broken “Hotel” sign – the part that just says “HOT.” Hope Stone is an overbearing mother to Bobby, and Mike Rowland is a wistful, sentimental father of Polly. As Tess, the charming Kelsey Smith gets hit on by Zangler while joining the ever-cheery Sabrina Manno in leading the Follies girls in the show’s several big dance numbers.

And it’s those big dance numbers that really dazzle. Director Mark Zortman, Choreographer Nancy-Ann Zortman, and some tap instruction by Joyce Freeman combine with their talented cast to stage some most impressive dance scenes that include the Follies girls being played as basses in Slap that Bass, Bidin’ My Time with a cowboyish mix of tap and ballet, and the phenomenal I’ve Got Rhythm that includes everything including some snappy tapping and sliding on corrugated steel, swinging pick axes, sliding and flipping things around the stage just right, as well as panning and tapping for gold – and earning it.

Performed February 28 - March 2, 2008.

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Rob Hopper
Executive Director
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~
Tess: Kelsey Smith
Patsy: Sabrina Manno
Bobby Child: Sean Zortman
Bela Zangler: Darrian Rivera
Irene: Abby Snook
Mother: Hope Stone
Polly Baker: Emily Shuff
Mingo: Christopher H. Young
Moose: Seth Shoemaker
Sam: Michael Loughran
Wyatt: John Feldmann
Lank Hawkins: Aaron Lewis
Everett Baker: Mike Rowland
Eugene Fodor: Dante Strange
Patricia Fodor: Anne Smolko

Follies Girls:
Sarah Eline
Diana Feldmann
Maggie Golden
Caroline Klidonas
Alesia Knott
Ali Liebgott
Ellie Misner
Lauren Siford
Brittany Lee Skocki
Ellen Varner

Male Ensemble:
Stephen Bruck
Stephen Chelius
Chris Crimmins
Tyler Everhart
Jared Fillmore
Brandon Hewitt
Andrew Taylor

Female Ensemble:
Samantha Bader
Emily Bentzel
Melissa Colon
Marissa Downs
Khanita Jones
Sara Lewis
Jenny McKinley
Jen Mills
Katy Mills
Courtney Peterson
Melissa Peterson
Kayla Seifert
Alexandra Stough
Sam Strine
Chelsea Truax
Allie Walker
Mica Wallace
LeAnne Walters
Nicole Watkins
Carly Wise

Director/Producer: Mark Zortman
Choreographer: Nancy-Ann Zortman
Musical Director: Darryl Engler
Technical Director/Designer: Seth Werner
Costume Coordinator: Deb Holtzinger
Scenic Painter: Cindy Owens


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