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The musical Footloose (like its precedent 1984 film) is the story of Ren McCormack who, with his mother Ethel leaves Chicago after his father leaves them and drives ten hours to Bomont, Texas to live with his aunt and uncle and start life all over. In addition to feeling like an outsider, Ren experiences a town which for some reason has isolated itself from the rest of the world, a town where the Rev. Shaw Moore has become synonymous with "law" and a night out means a visit to the local Burger Blast. Footloose was inspired by a true story. In 1980, high school students in Elmore City, Oklahoma, protested an ordinance that made dancing illegal.  When the clash between the students and church elders was over, the town, founded in 1861, had its first dance.

Danny Green takes the lead as Ren with this high energy show and does a great job especially during Dancing is Not a Crime and Almost Paradise,  a beautiful duet sung with Ashley Avan as Ariel Moore, the preacher’s daughter. Ariel’s friends, Rusty, (Kim Gosnell), Urleen played by Sammie Duffy, and Wendy Jo played by Chelsie Donahue bring some great comedy and vocals to the show. Their number, Holding Out for a Hero has some great harmonies, while Rusty’s number, Let’s Hear It for the Boy was a hit.  Rusty’s relationship with Willard Hewitt (Grant Perdue) was both hilarious and believable and the two of them scored some great comedic moments.  The crowd favorite by far was the hilarious Mama Says (You Can’t Back Down), a vaudeville type number led by Willard with the added comedic help of Dylan Donn as Bickle, Justin Feinman as Garvin, Daniel Liuag as Jeter, and Ren. 

But Footloose is not just about great music; there is also a story of a town and its residents who are prisoners of grief.  The minister, Shaw Moore, and his wife, Vi are played by Paul Geisterfer and Millie Beetham. Rev Moore’s song Heaven Help Me was sung with a lot of heart. Vi Moore’s ballad, Can't You Find it in Your Heart? is a tear-jerker number where she wants to be loved like she was years ago.

Director Monica Hogue Hall and her cast and crew do a great job with this show. The choreography of Suzanne Fernandez is energetic and a blast to watch and musical director Elan McMahan does an impeccable job of coaxing the best possible sound from the vocalists as well as the band.  Collectively this made for a very Footloose and fancy free production!

Performed May 7 – 15, 2010

Martha Pettit
National Youth Theatre


Ren McCormack:  Danny Green
Ethel McCormack:  Eleanor Rudolph
Reverand Shaw Moore:  Paul Geisterfer
Vi Moore:  Millie Beetham
Ariel Moore:  Ashley Avan
Lulu Warnicker:  Taylor Tollack
Wes Warnicker:  Rory Team
Coach Roger Dunbar:  Shane Francis
Eleanor Dunbar:  Ariel Brackeen
Rusty:  Kim Gosnell
Urleen:  Sammie Duffy
Wendy Jo:  Chelsie Donahue
Lyle:  Hayden Kellermeyer
Travis/Cowboy Bob Band:  Jamen Nanthakumar
A Cop/Ensemble:  Andrew Howard
Betty Blast:  Lilli Kinsey
Willard Hewitt:  Grant Perdue
Principal Harry Clark:  Paul Christman
Bickle:  Dylan Donn
Garvin:  Justin Feinman
Jeter:  Daniel Liuag
Cowboy Bob:  Rex Lindeman
Cowboy Bob’s Band/Dance Ensemble:  Ruben Nunez, Trio Harris

Dance Ensemble:
Jenny Case
Catherine Chauncey
Kylie Foote
Lauren Gillespie
Maile Landi
Lindsey Shay
Amy Singh, Lauren Urie

Church Women:
Abby Barenholtz
Rachel Davis
Kaitlyn Jenkins
Alex Lancial
Seila O’Neill
Megan Pittman
Arrieanna Tate

Ensemble Men:
Nick Bennings
Nico Raisbeck
Brent Roach

Director:  Monica Hogue Hall
Music Direction:  Elan McMahan
Choreography:  Suzanne Fernandez
Technical Direction:  Daniel Czypinski
Scenic Design: Chad Dellinger
Costume Design:  Jane Craig-Jones

Pit Band:
Conductor/keyboard:  Mrs. Elan McMahan
Keyboard:  Tilly Rudolph
Drums:  Shane Evans
Percussion:  Mike Dooley, Naeyon Kim
Bass:  James Smith
Reeds:  Brendan Hudak, Ryan Salgado, Noelle Patterson


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