You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
by Bradshaw Mountain High School

The students at Bradshaw Mountain High School in Prescott Valley reverted to their younger roots, portraying the beloved characters of Charles Schultz’s Peanuts gang in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, an entertaining musical made up of brief glimpses into the characters we know so well. Prepare for a blanket-obsessed Linus, a Beethoven-obsessed Schroeder, a crabby Lucy, a hungry beagle who fancies himself a World War I flying ace fighting the Red Baron, and, of course, the lovable loser Charlie Brown himself.

Steven Legler makes for a sympathetic and often humorous Charlie Brown, letting facial expression and body language say a lot, whether that be trying to fly a kite, stressing over the Little Red-Haired Girl, or getting some counseling from resident psychiatrist Lucy Van Pelt (with Nina Vaccaro really getting into her Lucy role for that scene).

The cast also includes Michael Sylvestre as Lucy’s calm, intelligent, philosophizing little brother Linus, Brian Deblois as piano-focused Schroeder who can’t seem to shake the affections of crabby Lucy, and Stephanie Morales as an easygoing Peppermint Patty. And, last but not least, Clay Lightfoot flies high as Charlie Brown’s hilarious dog who enjoys many of the best lines as the furry faced, sugar lipped beagle who curses the Red Baron and absolutely lives for Suppertime!

Director Jantina Russell’s show is a mostly black box production with minimal props and scenery, and a minimal cast of six as well (no Sally in this one). That means it was all on the actors’ shoulders to pull it off, and they did a fine job, all backed up nicely by members of their high school orchestra.

Performed April 20-22, 2006.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Charlie Brown: Steven Legler
Snoopy: Clay Lightfoot
Linus: Michael Sylvestre
Lucy: Nina Vaccaro
Schroeder: Brian Deblois
Patty: Stephanie Morales

Director: Jantina Russell, Katie Reuter, and Amie Cobb


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