Into the Woods, Jr.
by Broadway Kids of San Diego

Zoe Katz, Josh Herren, Catherine Miller, and Shannon PartrickStephen Sondheim and James Lapine brought together Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Ridinghood, Rapunzel, and other favorite characters from the Grimm Fairy Tales for this enchanting tale about companionship, community, and facing the dangers of the woods when life and finding true happiness demands it. And 14-year-old director/producer Alice Cash went into the woods of theatre production to bring the enchantment to life, creating her own youth theatre company, arranging the permissions and theatre space, marketing it, and casting a great group of younger actors from San Diego’s large and talented youth theatre community.

This two-shows-only performance had the theatre at the Scripps Miramar Ranch Library Center completely packed for Broadway Kids of San Diego’s premiere production of Into the Woods, Jr. – the shortened version of Into the Woods that makes a complete show of its first act. The second act was definitely missed, but half the show is still an entertaining piece.

Josh Herren and Shannon Partrick starred as the good-natured Baker and his sensible Wife – normal citizens of the town just outside the woods who are forced to enter the wild woods in order to overcome a witch’s curse that has left them childless – an effort that leads them into encounters with Little Red, Jack, Cinderella, Rapunzel, a couple of charmingly arrogant princes, and a variety of other unusual folk. Those folks include Zoe Katz as the ugly, hunched, villainous Witch wanting to transform into her former beauty, and who clearly loves her career choice as she prods and batters the bakers into submission. Devon Hollingsworth makes for a sublime Cinderella, Jonathan Edzant is a charming, little thief as he steals from giants and especially compelling as he nurtures his friendship with his dear friend Milky White (the family cow played by Gretchen Cash, who has a memorable death scene), and Rebecca Myers is a Little Red with an amusingly big attitude (and you don’t want to steal her red cape unless you’ve got earplugs handy).

The animated ensemble gave the show a boost of energy throughout. A few standouts included Casey Jaquez as Jack’s hilariously crabby mother, Catherine Miller as the Narrator who tells the story in storytelling fashion, James Maslow as both the wily wolf and wolfish prince (joined by Matt Maretz for their big Agony scene as they chase after Cinderella and climb after Rapunzel (Malone Peed)), Cameron Elmore as the spry Mysterious Man, and Zoe Eprile as a tiny and hysterical Granny who enjoys getting a little back-at-ya on the Wolf who ate her.

Alice Cash gets her directing debut off with a well-cast and dynamic production, its biggest challenge understandably working with the sound. The timing was right on, the staging was creative and entertaining (for one example, having the Baker “accidentally” use Milky White’s leash to trip up the vain Prince as he exits the stage after talking to the Baker’s Wife), and the set (with help from Alan Cash and Terry Katz) was attractive and clever for both scene changes and in its scenery (like having Jack’s home with a portrait of Milky White prominently displayed above the mantle!).

Performed August 4 and 7, 2005.

Rob Hopper
National Youth Theatre

~ Cast ~

Baker: Josh Herren
Baker's Wife: Shannon Partrick
Witch: Zoe Katz
Cinderella: Devon Hollingsworth
Cinderella's Prince: James Maslow
Jack: Jonathan Edzant
Little Red Ridinghood: Rebecca Myers
Wolf: James Maslow
Rapunzel's Prince: Matt Maretz
Rapunzel: Malone Peed
Mysterious Man: Cameron Elmore
Jack's Mother: Casey Jaquez
Cinderella's Stepmother: Samantha Cash
Florinda: Sophia Kostas
Lucinda: Jenny Barwick
Steward: Matt Maretz
Narrator: Catherine Miller
Granny: Zoe Eprile
Cinderella's Father: Cammy Green
Cinderella's Mother: Catherine Miller
Milky White the Cow: Gretchen Cash
Hen: Melanie Farfel

Director/Producer: Alice Cash
Stage Manager: Arielle Pardes
Set Artwork: Terry Katz
Set Construction: Alice and Alan Cash


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