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Shrek: The Musical
by ACT-San Diego

One of the first in Southern California, ACT San Diego brings the hilarious "Shrek, the Musical" to stage at Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center. Based on the 2001 Dreamworks film, the musical opened on Broadway in 2008 and was nominated for 8 Tony awards including Best Musical, and won the award for best costume design.

The fun of ACT's “Shrek The Musical” begins after an Ogre’s solitary life is interrupted when an assortment of fairy-tale characters living in the near-perfect society of Duloc are expelled by the evil Lord Farquaad and seek refuge in Shrek’s own swamp. Shrek must travel to Duloc with the hope that the Lord will let the castaway fairy-tale characters return to their homes, away from Shrek’s swamp. Although not wanting to be involved, Shrek aids the evil Farquaad in finding his beloved princess, with the promise that Farquaad will return sole ownership of the swamp to Shrek. Accompanied by the nonstop-talking Donkey, Shrek sets out to find the princess kept captive in a high tower, beset by a curse and guarded by a jealous dragon. 

True to form, ACT pleases the audience with a nice array of well-thought-out sets and drops, and creative costumes including a huge, dramatic, and beautifully constructed "Lion King- like" dragon. 

Funny, and a strong performer, is William Corkery as Shrek. Nicely matched for the role, William does a fine job as the righteous, moral yet a bit clueless ogre. Accompanying Shrek on his journey is Donkey, portrayed by the comical and quite obnoxious Elliot Rappaport who brings down the house with his sharp wit and comedic timing.

The object of the ogre’s affection is Fiona, a princess who has been locked up in a tower for more than 20 years. Yael Eden delivers a great portrayal as the highly charismatic fair maiden, and showed her versatile singing voice in her sassy duet with Shrek in "I Think I've Got You Beat" and a beautifully done (yet playfully amusing) solo "Morning Person". Another standout piece ended the first act with Yael, Elliot and William’s excellent harmonies in "Who I'd Be". Lily McNeely as "Teen Fiona" and Meg Larson as "Young Fiona" were very solid in their parts and showed off some great voices in the charming "I Know It’s Today". Jonathan Edzant delivers a comical, likeably oily performance as Lord Farquaad, and did a good job portraying the guy you love to hate. 

Leading the way for this impressive ensemble are the "expelled" fairyland characters, including a comically charged and slightly neurotic performance by David Ahmadian as "Pinocchio", and fun showings from Lindsey Grant as Mama Ogre and Peter Hoban as Papa Ogre. Alyson Tharp, (the voice of the Dragon) showed awe-inspiring vocals in the soulful "Forever" and "This is how a Dream Comes True".

ACT's Shrek put together a strong combination of great voices directed by Tim McKnight, nicely cast performers, and tight choreography from Lia Peros. Chris Wollman did a nice job directing this large cast for a very entertaining overall performance.

Performed July 19 - 28, 2013

Terrance Blessing
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~ Cast ~ 

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Shrek: William Corkery
Fiona: Yael Eden
Donkey: Elliot Rappaport
Farquaad: Jonathan Edzant
Dragon: Alyson Tharp
Gingy: Shianne Evans
Pinocchio: David Ahmadian
Big Bad Wolf: Peter Hoban
Capt. of the Guard: Mason Mercer
Pig #1: Lily McNeely
Pig #2: Brittany Barry
Pig #3: Jadyn Kaplan
Baby Bear: Luke Dane
Sugar Plum Fairy: Alyson Tharp
Witch: Danielle Siry
Thelonius: Mason Mercer
Mama Ogre: Lindsey Grant
Papa Ogre: Peter Hoban
Little Ogre: Luke Dane
King Harold: Bryan Dorman
Queen Lillian: Alyssa DeVries
Lead Performer: Alyson Tharp
Teen Fiona: Lily McNeely
Young Fiona: Meg Larson
Knight #1: Mason Mercer
Knight #2: Bryan Dorman
Knight #3: Yaron Berdugo
Knight #4: John Blackstone-Gardner
Dwarf: Luke Dane
Guard: Mason Mercer
White Rabbit: Caitlin Tresse
Fairy Godmother: Alyssa DeVries
Peter Pan: Miranda Reed
Ugly Duckling: Helen Blackstone-Gardner
Papa Bear: Yaron Berdugo
Mama Bear: Anastasia Ernst
Shoemaker's Elf: Emma Spencer
Greeter: John Blackstone-Gardner
Little Bunny: Sydney Willden
Cop: Reagan Loew
Dish: Carly Barry
Spoon: Anna Ybarrola
Blue Bird: Alyson Tharp
Three Blind Mice: 
Alyson Tharp 
Shianne Evans 
Alyssa DeVries
Tweedle: Isabella Martini
Bishop: Bryan Dorman
Puss In Boots: Luke Dane
Pied Piper: David Ahmadian
Jake Buckley 
Yaron Berdugo 
John Gardner
Fairytale Creatures: 
Carly Barry 
John Gardner 
Jake Buckley
Madeline Ernst 
Meg Larson 
Reagan Loew 
Sophie Maretz
Sydney Willden 
Anna Ybarrola
Alyssa DeVries 
Yael Eden 
Shianne Evans
Lindsey Grant
Dancing Rats: 
Brittany Barry 
Anastasia Ernst 
Jadyn Kaplan
Reagan Loew 
Danielle Siry
Pied Piper Dancers: 
Yael Eden 
Shianne Evans 
Lindsey Grant 

Director: Chris Wollman
Choreographer: Lia Peros
Music Director: Tim McKnight
Band Director: Judy Grant
Technical and Scenic Director: Daniel Czypinski
Stage Manager: Andrea Gutierrez
Costume Designer: Beth Connelly
Hair and Makeup: Kasey Reinbold


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