San Diego Junior Theatre teams with Seattle Children’s Theatre
to offer workshops about the Deaf Youth Program at SCT

Beginning Monday November 29th San Diego Junior Theatre will sponsor three workshop series on how to integrate a program for deaf and hard-of-hearing students into our existing drama activities. All workshops will be led by co-founder and current Program Director of the Deaf Youth Program at Seattle Children’s Theatre Billy Seago and assisted by Lisa McIntosh, Program Coordinator. The Deaf Youth Drama Program has been in existence since 1992 and serves 3,300 students annually. This project facilitates an integration of deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing students through in-school residencies, through the creation and presentation of the Deaf Kids Drama Festivals, through theatre workshops, and through summer stage productions each year.

All workshops will be held in Room 103 the Casa del Prado Building in Balboa Park. There is no charge for any of the workshops. Nor do you need to RSVP. For more info call (619) 239-1311.

Monday, November 29th
4-6pm Teaching Artist Session 1 

Tuesday, November 30th 
1-3pm Administration Workshop 1 
4-6:30pm Teaching Artist Session 2 
7-9pm Interpreting Community Workshop 1 

Wednesday, December 1st
4-6:30pm Teaching Artist Session 3
7-9pm Interpreting Community Workshop 2

Thursday, December 2nd
1-3pm Administration Workshop 2
4-7pm Teaching Artist Session 4 plus. This workshop will be a wrap up of the week for all involved. Everyone is invited to come and observe Billy and teams of Deaf and hearing artists working with a few deaf kids and have the opportunity to ask questions and meet the other participants for future contacts.

Administration Workshop: Billy and Lisa will present information about working with Deaf people. How to use the tools you have in place now to add on a program for deaf kids. Topics include: pertinent information about Deaf Culture and Deaf History, costs, funding, interpreters, and other information based on our experience during 12 years at SCT.

Teaching Artists Sessions: Billy will share his experience and expertise in working with deaf kids. He will give tips and information about Deaf and hearing artists working together to create the most beneficial teaching atmosphere. 

Interpreting Community Workshops: Billy and Lisa will share ideas and philosophies related to working with a Deaf Youth Drama Program. What parts of the projects would need interpreters, how to incorporate recent graduates and current students of local interpreter training programs, mentoring and support positions will be covered.

Thursday, Dec. 2 Workshop: Please come and join us to see an example of our work. The evening will focus on work with a few deaf kids where Billy will interact with the kids and start the ball rolling with the goal of handing it over to the potential teaching artists. Anyone is welcome to join us to start building the community needed to make this a long-term success.



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