Student Voices on Stage in Plays by Young Writers

Winning Plays from the 20th year of the California Young Playwrights Contest

Who:               Playwrights Project

What:               Plays by Young Writers ’04, a festival of winning scripts from the

20th annual California Young Playwrights Contest

            Full productions:         Under the Hood by William Alden

                                                Welcome to Me and Mine by Patricia Ash

                                                The Other Side by Teddy Steinkellner

                                                Over the Asian Airwaves by Lauren D. Yee

            Readings:                    Purposely Mistaken by Karen Barros

                                                A New Beginning? by Marina Cook

                                                Trouble with Magic by Jessie Mos


When:              January 13 – 23, 2005 (See schedule)

Where:            The Old Globe, Cassius Carter Centre Stage, Balboa Park

Tickets:           Individual:                   $15.00 ($12.00 for seniors, students, military)

                        School Groups:            $9.00 for groups of 10 or more

                        Other Groups:             $10.00 for groups of 10 or more

                        Opening Night:            $40.00 includes reception

How:               For ticket information or sales call Playwrights Project (619) 239-8222


San Diego - Playwrights Project returns to The Old Globe in January for its annual production of Plays by Young Writers, winning scripts from the California Young Playwrights Contest.  Selected from 193 contest submissions, four scripts will be presented as full productions and three as readings at the Cassius Carter Centre Stage, January 13-23, 2005. 

“This year’s writers favor teenage characters and humorous situations,” says Deborah Salzer, director of Playwrights Project.  “One play, Over the Asian Airwaves, is an all out farce, a genre we rarely produce.  Since theatre in the round doesn’t lend itself to door slamming, co-directors Anne Tran and George Yé are finding other ways to physicalize the humor.”    

Written by Lauren D. Yee, age 18, Over the Asian Airwaves is about a Chinese American woman in 1949 who chooses the chaos of a struggling radio station over the predictability of her long-time boyfriend. A prolific writer who has submitted many scripts to the contest, Lauren lives in San Francisco and studies at Yale College.  For this production, she has done extensive revisions with help from a master of comedy, Scott Patrick Wagner, New Works Director  at North Coast Repertory Theatre.

Coronado resident Patricia Ash, age 17, is the writer of Welcome to Me and Mine, a series of funny, poignant vignettes about the pressures of high school.  Patricia attends Coronado School of the Arts, which produced an earlier draft of her play last spring.   Playwright and director Stephen Metcalfe has been Patricia’s “writing friend” through the revision process.  Delicia Turner Sonnenberg, artistic director of the new theatre company Moxie, will stage the play.

In Under the Hood, by 15-year-old William Alden of Santa Monica, a mouthy, popular girl finds herself locked in a car with a boy she considers a loser.  William wrote the script while taking an extension course at UCLA taught by playwright Simon Levy, whose creative home in Los Angeles, the Fountain Theatre, has collaborated with Playwrights Project on several productions. Don Loper stages the action as the day gets hotter and the air runs out.  Through imaginative set design and direction, the car itself becomes a player in this surreal drama.

A television psychic stirs up the lives of a teenage boy and his widowed mother in The Other Side by Teddy Steinkellner, age 14, of Santa Barbara.  At the start of the play, the boy dismisses the psychic as a fake.  Events change his mind and raise spiritual questions for everyone to ponder.  Playwright Ruth McKee mentored Teddy as he strengthened the script, to be directed by Esther Emery. 

Three writers from the younger division of contest participants will have scripts performed as readings:  Karen Barros and Marina Cook of Escondido, and Jessie Mos of San Diego.  Natalie Sentz will direct the readings.

Submissions to the annual playwriting contest are evaluated by two or more initial readers.  The most promising scripts go to a group of final judges, who also volunteer their time and expertise.  This year’s judges were Judith Dolan, Stephen Metcalfe, Laurie O’Brien, Patti Saraniero, Arthur Wagner and Carl Weintraub.

Plays by Young Writers  opens at The Old Globe on Friday, January 14th at 7:30 PM, with public performances on Saturday, January 15 at 7:30 PM, Friday, January 21 at 7:30 PM,  Saturday, January 22 at 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM, and Sunday, January 23 at 2:00 PM.

For more information, contact Deborah Salzer or Cecelia Kouma:

            Playwrights Project

            Ph. 619-239-8222


Plays by Young Writers Performance Schedule

Thursday, January 13         10:00 AM      Trouble with Magic, Under the Hood, Me and Mine

Friday, January 14             10:00 AM      Purposely Mistaken, The Other Side, Over the Asian Airwaves

Friday, January 14*           7:30 PM         Trouble with Magic, Under the Hood, Me and Mine

Saturday, January 15          7:30 PM         Purposely Mistaken, The Other Side, Over the Asian Airwaves

Tuesday, January 18          10:00 AM      The Other Side, Over the Asian Airwaves

Wednesday, January 19     10:00 AM      Under the Hood, Me and Mine

Thursday, January 20         10:00 AM      The Other Side, Over the Asian Airwaves

Friday, January 21             10:00 AM      A New Beginning, Under the Hood, Me and Mine

Friday, January 21             7:30 PM         The Other Side, Over the Asian Airwaves

Saturday, January 22          2:00 PM         The Other Side, Over the Asian Airwaves

Saturday, January 22          7:30 PM         A New Beginning, Under the Hood, Me and Mine

Sunday, January 23            2:00 PM         Under the Hood, Me and Mine         

* Friday, January 14 7:30 pm performance is Opening Night, includes reception; $40/ticket

Morning performances are scheduled for school groups, however individual tickets may be available.



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