Jacqueline Grace CD Fundraiser!

Jacqueline Grace, the artist formerly known as Jacqueline Lopez in the youth theatre community, earned a San Diego Playbill Youth "Billie" Award (the precursor of the National Youth Theatre Awards) in 2003 for her performance as Ti Moune in San Diego Junior Theatre's Once On This Island. She performed Waiting for Life to Begin at the awards ceremony that year.

And now her life is beginning as a singer/songwriter with the release of her debut album! It's a remarkable debut featuring all original songs with a wide variety of sounds. And she has given National Youth Theatre a special discount to help us as a fundraiser, allowing us to sell autographed copies of the CD at $10 plus $2 for shipping and handling. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Listen to sound clips:

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Jacqueline (Lopez) Grace in San Diego Junior Theatre's 2002 production of " Once On This Island." 
Photos by Ken Jacques.


Multi-ethnic singer/songwriter reinvents mainstream pop music with her debut album.  A unique sound with lyrics you can relate to and understand. 2 bonus tracks in Spanish. 


Jacqueline was born in New York but moved to San Diego at a young age. Because of her family, Jacqueline grew up listening to an array of genres, all having equal influence on her. In junior high she started to gravitate towards songs from musical theater, where she discovered the importance of song structure, as well as a new found love of performing. Throughout high school, she performed in various musicals. In 2003, she was accepted to attend the University of Southern California, where she continued to explore various types of music. She graduated in May of 2007. Her hope is to excel in the craft of songwriting so as to convey her ultimate goal: blend various music from around the globe to make one mainstream sound.    

Her self-titled album is Jacqueline's debut as a singer/songwriter:


"Throughout my academic career, I've dabbled with songwriting. It was never a conscious effort until the summer of 2006. By then I had stopped listening to the radio because I felt all the music on a majority of the stations, particularly the major ones, was redundant. I would constantly express my frustration with the lack of variety represented on the airwaves. My Stepfather then challenged me to 'fix it.' The result is this album.


Over the course of the production of this album I've come to appreciate the songwriting and recording process. I feel this album is a just representation of where I am now as a songwriter and a good indicator for where my music should start heading. While this is a start, I definitely want to incorporate new sounds so that what was once considered world beat can be brought into mainstream music. Already I think it's happening, I just hope to be a part of the progression."




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