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Itís an exciting time for our countryís youth theatre community, and no one is covering it like the National Youth Theatre Association of America!  

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This summerís Third Annual National Youth Theatre Awards, which will be announced next week, will honor outstanding work in youth theatre from more than 150 shows in 23 different states. That includes several world premieres, including the school editions of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Sweeney Todd, The Phantom of the Opera, Rent, and High School Musical 2. And next year, with your support, weíll cover even more as we continue building a team of judges and reviewers across the nation. 

We are now in the process of becoming a member-based nonprofit corporation. All members who sign up over the next few weeks will be immortalized on a special page of our website as our original charter members.  

Membership fees will help cover the costs of our website maintenance, awards programs, and the expenses associated with covering as much theatre as possible (i.e., we do a lot of traveling!). For schools and theatre companies, the posting of press releases, calendar listings, and audition information will soon be exclusive services for NYT members. Also, a link to your website will be included in the monthly newsletter, and members get a 20% discount on all newsletter and/or website advertising. Instructors, playwrights, and vendors will be listed on our site under the appropriate category, be able to post any workshop information, receive the advertising discount, and instructors will be listed in our newsletter.

Annual Membership Fees:
Theatres - $80
Schools - $40
Students - $15/annual or $30/charter lifetime membership with T-shirt
Instructors - $30
Vendors/Playwrights - $30
Patrons - $50
Benefactors - $100 (includes T-shirt)

We hope youíll join us in this massive effort to promote youth theatre around the country. The more excitement there is in the youth theatre community, the more actors and patrons will want to participate, which will be a boon for all performers and theatre lovers for generations to come! 


Rob Hopper
Executive Director

National Youth Theatre


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