Lexington Children’s Theatre


The 7th Annual Summer Family Musical

Honk! The Ugly Duckling Story

WHO:     Lexington Children’s Theatre 

WHAT:   Honk! 7th Annual Summer Family Musical 

WHEN:             July 31 at 7:30 pm

                          August 1 at 7:30 pm

                          August 2 at 2:00 and 7:30 pm

                          August 3 at 2:00 and 6:00 pm 

WHERE:   Lexington Children’s Theatre Main Stage

  $16.00 for adults, $13.00 for children  

Lexington Children's Theatre (LCT) is excited to be presenting our 7th Annual Summer Family Musical Honk! This musical explores the story of an out of place duck named Ugly who hatches to find out that he is not like all of his siblings.  Ugly is ridiculed by his family and the other animals at the duckyard which leads him into the throws of the wily cat. He is led away from his home by the cat and sets out on a journey to find somewhere he can fit in. Throughout the show there are delightful songs and dances that illuminate the story of a duck that has been cast out of his society.  This is a story about accepting differences and loving one another for their inner beauty. 

Lexington Children’s Theatre’s production of Honk! is unlike any other production which is obvious from the moment you step into the theatre.  The concept for the show is influenced by the 1960s which is most apparent in the costume and set designs.  Instead of following a traditional color scheme for barnyard animals the design teams have opted to use bright colors and whimsical patterns.  Some of the influences for the costume design are Elton John, Jackie O, and Sgt Pepper which add a nostalgic flavor to them.  The set mirrors the fanciful colors and eye catching shapes and patterns of the costumes and helps to define the space. Both the costumes and the set compliment the lighthearted fun that Honk! delivers through witty dialogue and the diverse musical styles. 

Jeremy Kisling, co-director of Honk! wants this production to be unique because “theatre is about metaphor, art and the freedom to interpret”.  He also believes that this show is unique in that it has something for every age of theatergoer.  It is a family show but the dialogue is accessible enough to appeal to young children as well as be entertaining for adults.  The choreography is as distinctive as the costumes and set to match the different musical styles.  Each of the animals in the show belongs to a different hierarchy so in turn each group has their own style of movement and dance.  There are dance styles ranging from a tango by the cats to a hoedown in the duckyard. “If you like tap dancing chickens, cats doing the tango, or geese marching in step you’ll love LCT’s Summer Family Musical Honk!”, declares Kisling. The overall concept for the show ties into the message it is portraying which according to Kisling is a “story of tolerance of difference, acceptance of family and uniqueness, and the love of a mother for her son”.  

Two of the objectives of LCT are to provide children with educational theatre training as well as professional experience in the theatre. The Summer Family Musical offers an opportunity for not only children to receive theatre experience but their families get to join in on the fun.  We are proud to announce that over half of the cast of Honk! is comprised of families.  There are nine families in a cast of 36 which makes integrating families into the LCT family even easier.  The experience rehearsing and performing with family members allows time to work together and form a stronger bond.   

Ian Cross, who is acting with his son and daughter in Honk!, says that working on this show has provided him with “quality family time”.  This is the second Summer Family Musical Mr. Cross has been a part of and this is the first year his son has had the chance to join, though his daughter has been in three shows.  He says that his favorite part of the show is getting to watch his children act and values this experience because it “helps kids grow and brings families together”. This show is entertaining to work on as a family and even more enjoyable to watch.  

Honk! will be performed on the main stage at LCT for one weekend only. LCT is located at 418 West Short Street in downtown Lexington.  Honk! is an adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson tale about an ugly duckling and his search for his place in the world.  The original story of the ugly duckling has been modernized and set to a comedic musical score. 

Tickets for Honk! can be purchased online at LCT Tickets, or by phone or in person the box office in the theatre Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.  The box office phone number is (859) 254-4546 ext. 247.  The tickets are $16 for adults and $13 for children and are selected seating so the sooner you buy tickets the better choice you get! 




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