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Inland Theatre League Announces 2010 Nominations

The 2010 Inland Theatre League nominations listing has been released on their website
To receive an ITL nomination, three judges have to nominate an actor's excellent performance or behind-the-scenes work.  Awards are given to the nominees who receive the majority vote of all the judges.
The Inland Theatre League was created with a purpose to recognize excellence in theatre in the Inland Empire.  Individual actors are honored as well as directors, music directors, choreographers, set designers, costumers and many more.
The 2010 ITL awards ceremony has been scheduled for Monday, April 11 at 7:00 pm at the Landis Performing Arts Center, Riverside Community College, 4800 Magnolia Avenue in Riverside.  Tickets can be purchased at the door for $6.

Corrections to the nominations list should be forwarded to Michael Charles, President of the Inland Theatre League, at 

Congratulations to the 2010 Inland Theatre League Nominees:

3 Theatre Group 
Buried Child 
David St. Pierre as Tilden 
Joe Musil as Dodge 
Patrick Brien for Director 
Ryan Miller as Bradley 
Alisa Ann Lovas as Celadine 
Charles Evered for Co-Director 
Charles Evered for Playwright 
Haibo Yu for Scenic Design 
Paul Jacques as Rowley 
Paul Jacques for Co-Director 
Rhiannon Cowles as Mary 

The Merchant of Venice 
Bill Greeley as Shylock 
David St. Pierre for Technical Director 
Haibo Yu for Scenic Design 
Melissa Harkness as Portia 
Robin Russin for Director 
Shirin June as Nerissa 
Spencer Mansouri as Morocco 
Troy Spieler as Arragon 
Vanessa Downs as Duke 

Act 1 Theatre Arts 
George C. Ortiz for Choreographer 
Matthew Malecki as Ren McCormack 
Rustin Sailors as Rev. Shaw Moore 
Sharon Duchi for Musical Director 
Shea Sailors as Ariel Moore 
Sydney van Putten as Rusty 

RENT: Student Edition 
Jordan Dobbins as Tom Collins 

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee 
Jonathan Donnelly as William Barfee 
Jordan Dobbins as Leaf Coneybear 
Kelsie Piini as Logainne Schwartzandgrubbeniere 
Matthew Malecki as Chip Tolentino 
Sharon Duchi for Director/Musical Director 

Act One Jr. Conservatory 
13: The Musical 
Ashley Zavala as Charlotte 
Chloe Whalen as Cassie 
George C. Ortiz Jr. for Choreographer 
James Bowen as Archie 
Jessica Sharples as Patrice 
Matthew Malecki as Brett 
Max D’Ambra as Evan 

Actor’s Contemporary Theatre 
Bye Bye Birdie 
Angela Sanicola as Doris MacAfee 
Angie Knechtel for Music Director 
Beverly Stephenson for Costume Designer 
Chasey Currey as Rose Alvarez 
Jennifer Lloyd for Director 
Jessalyn Dolph as Ursula Merkle 
Matthew McGill as Albert Peterson 
Tysa Curry as Mae Peterson 
Tysa Curry for Choreographer 

Erika Czach as Lucille Frank 
Joseph Arreola as Leo Frank 
Kayla Parker as Mary Phagan 
Michael J. Williams as Jim Conley 
Paul Kehler for Director 

Pirates of Penzance 
Paul Kehler as Pirate King 

At the Grove Productions 
A Little Night Music 
Amanda Gettinger as Petra 
Jeannette Capuano for Costume Design 
Marcia Redmond for Costume Design 
Sherri Jones as Mrs. Segstrom 

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 
Amy Bolton as Maggie 
Brent Shultz as Brick 
I. Keith Swann as Big Daddy 
Michael Buczynski as Gooper 

Brandon Alpert as Mark Cohen 
Christen Dugger as Maureen 

Ashley Green as Hope Cladwell 
Melanie Albert for Musical Director 
Taylor Pearson as Bobby Strong 

Broadway Starz 
Alice in Wonderland, Jr. 
Alan M. Pask for Director 

California Baptist University 
God’s Favorite 
Garret Replogle as Joe Benjamin 
Lee Lyons for Set Design 

Man of LaMancha 
AJ Paulin as Sancho 
Cherie Riley for Costume Design 
Daniel Monroe for Director 
Dr. Philip Miller for Music Director 
Holly Hennebelle for Choreographer 
Jon Meader as Cervantes 
Kayla Friend as Aldonza 
Lee Lyons for Set, Sound and Lighting Design 
Samuel Rodriguez as Padre 

Joseph Mayers as Curley 
Natalie Harris as Aunt Eller 

Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theatre 
Huck Walton as Jesus 
Loren Smith as Ensemble 
Neil Dale as Ensemble 
Trance Thompson as John/Judas 

Once Upon a Mattress 
Dimyana Pelev as Lady Larken 
DJ Gray for Choreography 
George Stratton for Director 
James McGrath as Minstrel 
Jennifer Strattan as Princess Winifred 
John Lynd as King Septimus the Silent 
Jordan Lamoureux as Prince Dauntless 
Zoe Bright as Queen Aggravain 

The Pajama Game 
Beth Mendoza as Mabel 
John LaLonde as Sid Sorokin 
Leslie Scott as Babe Williams 
Orlando Alexander for Choreography 

Thoroughly Modern Millie 
Adrianna Lyons as Millie Dillmount 
Janet Renslow for Choreography 
John LaLonde for Director 

Will Rogers Follies 
Danny Michaels as Will Rogers 
Jose Rivera for Costumer 
Lisa Dyson as Betty Blake 
Orlando Alexander for Choreographer 
Orlando Alexander for Director 
Richard Malmos as Clem Rogers 
Tracy Pedretti as Ziegfeld’s Favorite 

CAT Corona 
Cinderella Enchanted 
Aran Broderick for Makeup & Hair 
Bryan Richardson as Lionel 
Lori Hennebelle for Costumer 
Nicole Shelton as Stepmother 
Sarah Adams as Grace 

Emperor’s New Clothes 
Bryan Richardson as Francis Cinatra 
Isaac Monroe as Barry Wiesel 
Lori Hennebelle for Costumer 

Adam Higelin as Oliver Twist 
Aran Broderick for Makeup Design 
Beverly Baird for Costumer 
Brianna Lopez for Vocal Director 
Gabrielle Green as Nancy 
Gavin Gray as Artful Dodger 
Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer 
Lori Hennebelle for Director 
Matt Dunn as Fagin 

Route 66 
Andrew Monroe as Quartet Member/Soloist 
Andrew Monroe for Staging Director 
Andy Pervorse as Quartet Member/Soloist 
Ben Stultz as Quartet Member/Soloist 
Ben Stultz for Vocal Director 
Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer 
Matt Eden for Quartet member/Soloist 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 
Brianna Lopez for Vocal Director 
Cyndi Monroe for Director 
Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer 
Isaac Monroe as Huck Finn 
Matt Dunn as Tom Sawyer 
Zach Talbert as Reverend Sprague/Doc Robinson 

The Foreigner 
Cyndi Monroe as Betty Meeks 
Isaac Monroe as Ellard Simms 
Joe Impastato as Owen Musser 
Roger Schoepf as Charlie Baker 

The U.S. “Oh No!” Christmas Show 
Amy Basilan as Sally Adams 
Isaac Monroe as Benny 

Chino Community Children’s Theatre 
Philadelphia Chickens 
Madison Miller as Featured Soloist 

Chino Community Theatre 
A Christmas Story 
Alex Franke as Ralphie Parker 
Bill Becker as The Old Man 

Breaking Up is Hard To Do 
Christine Mejia as Marge Gelman 

Fat Pig 
Adam Demerath as Tom 
Desiree Hill as Helen 
Jeremy Magouirk as Carter 
M. Michele Richardson for Director 
Trista Olivas as Jeannie 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 
Brad Markin as Ruckly 
Bradford Reed as Scanlon 
Grace Arvizu as Candy 
Grant Markin as Billy Bibbit 
Janet McClellan as Nurse Ratched 
Jarrod East as Randle P. McMurphy 
Kadn Fox for Set Design/Master Carpenter 
Mike Hanrahan as Dale Harding 
Ron Ming for Set Design/Master Carpenter 
Sam Nisbett as Chief Bromden 
Toni Lynd for Director 

Grace Arvizu as Bernice 
Julie Mort as Cindy Savage 

Chino Community Young Adult Theatre 
The Who’s Tommy 
Austin Fitzpatrick for Bass 
Cara Mia Call as Mrs. Walker 
Cedric Blake Wright for Costumes 
Jeffrey Riggs for Guitar 
Jennifer McHugh for Director/Music Director/Keyboards 
Kyle Harward for Percussion 
Luis Alex Rodriguez as Captain Walker 
Rodrigo Rodriguez as Cousin Kevin 
Rosa Ferriera as Acid Queen 
Taylor Pearson as Tommy/Narrator 

CYT of Temecula Valley 
High School Musical 
Kelsie Piini as Ms. Darbus 
Zachary Krug as Troy Bolton 

In the Company 
Broadway’s Back 2 
Cindy Ingram for Co-Director/Choreographer 
Randy Ingram for Co-Director/Choreographer 
Sasha Danielle Alexander as Featured Soloist 

Inland Stage Company 
A Streetcar Named Desire 
Jim Marbury for Director/Set and Sound Design 
John Wesley as Stanley Kowalski 
Kristofer James as Harold Mitchell “Mitch” 
Mary Vuong as Eunice 
Rosalyn Leon as Blance Dubois 
Yvonne Flack as Stella Kowalski 

Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and Then Some) 
Gabriel Diaz as Gabe 
John Wesley Leon as John 
Kristofer James as Kris 
Marcy Wright for Director 

The Rocky Horror Show 
Coley O’Brien MacAvoy as Dr. Frank-N-Furter 
Kristofer James as Eddie/Dr. Scott 
Kyle Bradley as Brad 
Sean Daniel as Band of Phantoms (drums) 
Sean Longstreet as Band of Phantoms (guitar) 
Wesley Houdyshell as Band of Phantoms (bass) 
Winston Peacock as Riff Raff 

Inland Valley Repertory Theatre 
Kiss Me, Kate 
Allison Knight as Lois Lane/Bianca Minola 
Dirk Rogers as Fred/Petruchio 
Jeff Teague for Choreographer 

Isis Theatre Company 
The Clean House 
Abbie Bosworth as Matilde 
Ann De Wolfe as Ana 
Emily Heebner as Virginia 
Howard Shangraw as Charles 
Howard Shangraw for Director 
Susan Hegarty as Lane 

Junior University 
Robin Hood 
Bethany Schwartzkopf for Choreographer 
Brian Sandahl for Scenic Design 
Cara Harnitcher as Duchess of Chattering 
Emily Young as Kate 
Julie Bray as Storyteller 
Katie Roche as Maid Marian 
Mary Kinter for Costume Design 
Michael Rodriguez as Robin Hood/Robert 
Sean Uminski as David 

LifeHouse Theater 
Daniel Milligan for Scenic Design 
Kyle Montgomery for Scenic Design 

Little Women 
Kari C. Kennedy as Jo March 

Pride and Prejudice 
Bethany Schwartzkopf as Elizabeth Bennet 
Jeremy Kruizenga as Mr. Darcy 
Tim Mahoney for Scenic Design 

Pursued: A Jonah Story 
Dustin Ceithamer as Jonas 
Hannah Jeannette Ayotte as Palynra 
Lauren Mosher as Aleph 
Nathan Riley as Shamar’exer 
Sarah Ayotte for Director 
Tim Mahoney for Scenic Design 

Chris Daub as A Player 
Dustin Ceithamer as A Player 
Dustin Ceithamer for Director/Composer/Choreographer 
Elijah Reyes as A Player 
Sarah Ayotte as A Player 
Shane Litchfield as A Player 

The Cross and The Switchblade 
Jeremy Kruizenga as David Wilkerson 
Tim Mahoney for Set Design 

Mt San Jacinto College – San Jacinto Campus 
Mercury, Mars & Mayhem 
Carmina Manley as Sadie Hawkins Anthony 
Monica Louise Bryant as Fanny Lorkin 
Travis Slayton as Forrie Lorkin 

The Fantasticks 
Ashley Henley as Narrator (El Gallo) 
Damian Perryman as the Mute 
Rick Hoglund for Music Direction 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 
Christine Walters for Costume Design 
Jillian Madden as the Seer 

Off Broadway Christian Theatre 
Amanda Gettinger for Director 
Chloe Schweikert as Molly 

Seussical: The Musical 
Josh Riddle as Horton the Elephant 
Kelsey Tanaka as Gertrude McFuzz 
Michael Milligan as Cat in the Hat 
Michael Milligan for Choreographer 
Nancy Gettinger for Costume and Set Design 

Performance Riverside 
Brenda Jill Castillo as Amneris 
Daebreon Michelle Albert as Aida 
Jean-Yves Tessier for Lighting Design 
Noe Espinoza as Mereb 
Robert Sean Thompson as Radames 
Scott Smith for Musical Director 

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 
Derek Klena as Joseph 
Stephanie Burkett Gerson as Narrator 

Little Shop of Horrors 
Alyssa Marie as Audrey 
Ashley Gallo as Ronnette 
Erica Bowers as Urchin – Chiffon 
Isaac James as Orin 
Jason Graham as Plant Puppeteer 
Jazz Madison as Crystal 
Jean-Yves Tessier for Lighting Design 
M. Darnell Suttles as The Voice of Plant 
Morgan Reynolds as Seymour 
Roger Castellano for Director and Choreographer 

Pirates of Penzance 
Amy M. Gillette as Mabel 
Frank Gilleece as Major-General Stanley 
John LaLonde as Pirate King 
John Vaughan for Director/Choreographer 
Jordon Lamoureuz as Frederic 
Patricia Scarborough as Ruth 

Singin’ in the Rain 
Alyssa Marie as Kathy Selden 
Ann Myers as Linda Lamont 
Casey Garritano as Cosmo Brown 
David Engel for Director and Choreographer 
Frank Gilleece as Diction Teacher 
John Lynd as Roscoe Dexter 
Mischi Schueller as Don Lockwood 

Play With Your Food Productions 
Moon Over Buffalo 
Alicia Panicucci as Eileen 
David Caldwell as Paul 
Elena Villa as Rosalind 
John Edward Clark as George Hay 
Patricia Scarborough as Charlotte Hay 
Ron Milts for Director 

The Clean House 
Annalice Heinz as Matilde 
Julie Stouse as Ana 
Laura Robitaille for Set Design 
Murray Robitaille for Set Design 

The Love List 
Jeannette A. Gardea as Justin 

Weekend Comedy 
Laura Robitaille for Set Design 
Murray Robitaille for Set Design 
Rebecca Reber as Peggy 

Ramona Hillside Players 
Empty Nest 
Bradley West for Set Design 
Janet Fulton as Connie Carlson 

Enchanted April 
Carol Damgen as Rose 
Christopher Morse as Mellersh 
Marian Hair as Mrs. Graves 
Marsha Kennedy for Director 
Marsha Kennedy for Set Design 
Mary Vuong as Lotty 

Temporary Insanity 
Alicia DuFour as Wendy 
Frank Siebke as Earl 
Jeri Greene for Playwright 
Mark Miller as Hiram Ersatz 
Mary Vuong as Marge 
Monica Reichl as Doris Reynolds 

The Second Time Around 
Allen Purchis as Samuel Jonas 
Danny West as Mike Curtis 
Emilie Ortega as Laura Curtis 

Rancho Cucamonga Community Players 
Into the Woods 
Allen Everman as Baker 
Ashley Green as Florinda 
Cassandra Murphy as Baker’s Wife 
David Lamoureux for Stage and Musical Director 
Hannah Jeannette Ayotte as Step Mother 
Jackie Lorenzo Cox as Witch 
Jordan Lamoureux as Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf 
Karen Fix Curry for Costume Coordinator 
Kim Dalton as Little Red Riding Hood 
Matthew Carvin as Rapunzel’s Prince 
Mela-Hoyt Heydon for Costume Designer 
Michaelia Leigh as Cinderella 
Scott Robinson as Jack 
Veronica Freeth as Lucinda 
Zoe Bright as Jack’s Mother 

Peter Pan 
Maggie Anderson as Peter Pan 

RCC Off-Broadway Play Series 
Gary Krinke for Director 
Jean-Yves Tessier for Lighting Design 
Jennifer Lawson as Dora Strang 
Jerry Longman for Set & Technical Designer 
Tom Patrick as Martin Dysart 
Zachary Hallett as Alan Stran 

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee 
Alex White as Leaf Coneybear 
Bethany Baderdeen as Olive Ostrovsky 
Dorie Couture for Sound 
Gregory Nabours for Music Direction 
Haley Rubin as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre 
Jerry Longman for Technical Designer 
Jodi Julian for Director 
Loren Smith as Mitch Mahoney 
Marilu Bustamante as Marcy Park 
Matt Scarpino for Set Design 
Miguel Castellano as Chip Tolentino 
Sarah Boutwell as Rona Lisa Peretti 
Zach Hallett as William Barfee 

RCC Summer Conservatory 
Anything Goes 
Alex White as Sir Evelyn Oakleigh 
Haley Rubin as Bonnie 
John Vaughan for Choreographer 
Lynda Krinke for Costumes and Make-up Design 

Redlands Footlighters 
And Then There Were None 
Jennifer Pryor as Emily Brent 
Mark Allen-Everett for Director 
Rhiannon Cowles as Vera Clayborne 
Vicki James as Mrs. Rogers 

Born Yesterday 
Ali Rafter as Billie Dawn 
Cynthia Lake for Set Dressing 
Henry Nickel as Eddie Brock 
John Lynd for Director 
Mary Carruthers for Set Dressing 
Mel Chadwick as Harry Brock 
Mickey Miller for Costumes 
Phillip Gabriel as Paul Verrall 
Phillip Gabriel for Set Design 
Sam Nisbett as Ed Devery 

Dearly Beloved 
Catherine Soto as Frankie Futrelle 
Janet McClellan as Honey Raye Futrelle 
Jeff Richards for Director 
Lauren Deards as Tina Jo and Gina Jo Dubberly 
Mary Carruthers as Geneva Musgrave 
Sue Bray as Twink Futrelle 
Tom Hurst for Set Design 

Smoke and Mirrors 
Tom Newman as Clark Robinson 

The Unexpected Guest 
Christopher Diehl for Director 
Grant Markin as Sergeant Cadwallader 
Phillip Gabriel for Set Design 
Sally Norton as Mrs. Warwick 
Sean Green as Michael Starkwedder 
Thomik Deverien as Henry Angell 
Todd Paul as Inspector Thomas 

Redlands Shakespeare Festival 
Bill Greeley as King Claudius 

Romeo and Juliet 
Ron Milts for Director 

Rialto Community Players 
God’s Man in Texas 
Henry Nickel as Hugo Taney 
Jeffrey Deards as Dr. Jeremiah Mears 
Ken Lay for Director 

Over the River and Through the Woods 
Catherine DeBrule as Aida Gianelli 
Mike Hanrahan as Nunzio Cristano 

Seniors of the Sahara 
Candy Kane as Sylvia Goldberg 
Gail Walker as Mabel Millstein 

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks 
Christopher Diehl as Michael Minetti 
Deborah McFatter as Lily Harrison 
Jeff Richards for Director 

The Constant Wife 
Candy Kane for Costume Design 
Dan Baldwin as John Middleton 
Deborah McFatter as Mrs. Culver 
Hannah Favela as Martha Culver 
Janet McClellan as Constance Middleton 
Joseph Vincent Impastato as Mortimer Durham 
Ken Lay as Bernard Kerral 
Kerry Jones as Scenic Artist 
Lance Todd Christensen for Director 
Sandy Courtney for Scenic Artist 
Sandy Courtney for Set Design 

Riverside Children’s Theatre 
Andrew Savage as Aladdin 
Brooklyn Bennett as Flor 
Henry Bush as J.J. 
Margret Hogeland for Director 
Stephen Razo for Conductor 

Beauty and the Beast 
Jack Murphy as Lumiere 
Margret Hogeland for Costume Design 

Riverside Community Players 
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten 
Chris Marler as Chris 
Jeff Richards as Jeff 
Kelly Kelly as Kelly 
Kendra Nicholson as Kendra 
Sue Bray as Sue 

Blithe Spirit 
Beatrice Casagran as Elvira Condomine 
Danielle Sisk for Special Effects 
Dona Sisk for Technical Director/Special Effects 
Mary Kennelly as Mrs. Bradman 
Mel Chadwick as Charles Condomine 
Phillip Gabriel for Director 
Rick Sisk for Technical Director/Special Effects 
Rory Dyer as Ruth Condomine 
Susan Bray as Madame Arcati 

Portrait of a Nude 
Mel Chadwick as Ensemble 
Phillip Gabriel as Inquisitor #2/Manet/School Boy/Student #1 
Rory Dyer as Ensemble 
Sue Bray as Ensemble 

Strike Up the Band 
Gareth Pronovost as Jim Townsend 
Jennifer Young Lawson for Costumes 
Jennifer Young Lawson for Director 
Sam Nisbett as Horace J. Fletcher 
Scotty Farris as Timothy Harper 
Tyler Boyd as George Spelvin 

The Mousetrap 
Laura Romero as Miss Casewell 
Mickey Miller as Mrs. Boyle 
Phillip Gabriel as Detective Sergeant Trotter 

The Price 
Chris Marler as Victor Franz 
Don Hudson as Gregory Solomon 
Patricia McQuillan for Director 
Sandra Claflin for Props 
Tom Hurst for Technical Director 
Tom Shelton as Walter Franz 

Riverside Community Players - Family Series 
Chanticleer and the Fox 
Brian Jerz as Fox/Pilgrim #5 
Jennifer Young Lawson for Director 
Mike Truelock as Chanticleer/Pilgrim #7 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 
Troy Spieler as Ichabod Crane 

Riverside Youth Theatre 
13: The Musical 
Courtney Ladd as Patrice 
Gabriel Martinez as Evan Goldman 
Hayley Higgins as Lucy 
Ryan Mauger as Archie/Head Rabbi 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 
Brittany Breeding as Narrator 
Garrett Goodell as Potiphar/Pharaoh 
Rebecca Park for Choreographer 
Sarah Horn for Music Director 
Tevyn Hill as Judah 

Once Upon a Mattress 
Aaron Wolgemuth as King Sextimus the Silent 
Debbie Wolgemuth for Director 
Gabriel Martinez as Prince Dauntless 
Hayley Higgins as Princess Winnifred 
Melissa Smith as Lady Larkin 
Rebecca Park for Choreographer 
Ryan Mauger as Wizard/Nightingale of Samarkan 
Victoria Walcott as Queen Aggravain 

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee 
Aaron Wolgemuth as William Barfee 
Debbie Wolgemuth for Director 
Erin Metz as Olive Ostrovsky 
Hannah Wolgemuth as Marcy Park 
Ryan Mauger as Douglas Paunch 
Sarah Horn as Rona Lisa Peretti 

Shakespeare in the Vines 
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 
Elisa Richter as Puck 
John Edward Clark as Bottom/Pyramus 
Mona Rose Lujano for Costumes 
Shanti Ryle as Hermia 
Sheila Havens Ryle for Director 

Brandon Dean as Macbeth 
Mona Rose Lujano for Costumes 
Rebecca Reber as Lady Macbeth 

The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged 
Ethan Tapley as Ethan Tapley 
Michael Tubman as Michael Tubman 

Standing Room Only Productions 
Bill Rains as Daddy Warbucks 
Karla Franko for Director 

Temecula Valley Players 
A Christmas Carol 
Gary Iversen for Choreographer 
Jennifer Roller as Ghost of Christmas Present 
Kit Fugrad as Scrooge 
Mickie Grunwald for Costume Design 
Monica Iversen for Director 
Victoria Mora Collins for Musical Director 

Fiddler on the Roof 
Chelsea Nicole as Hodel 
Cheri Kehler as Tzeitel 
Chris Batchelor for Lighting Design 
Gary Iversen for Choreographer 
J. Scott Lapp for Director 
J. Scott Lapp for Set Design 
Janie d’Avignon for Musical Director 
Joshua Cavenaugh as Perchik 
Kayla Parker as Chava 
Mickie Grunwald for Costume Design 
Sean Tamburrino as Tevye 
Tysa Curry as Golda 

Brian Hammond for Musical Director 
Brian Smith as Mr. Jefferson 
Cashae Monya as Alexi 
Chelsea Nicole as Associate Choreographer 
Coreena Mulloy as Joanne 
Danielle Levas as Maureen Johnson 
Evan D’Angeles for Associate Director and Choreographer 
J. Scott Lapp for Director 
John Deards for Lighting Design 
Lindsey Iversen as Waitress 
Mark McCullough for Technical Director 
Paul Kehler as Tom Collins 
Rustin Sailors as Roger Davis 
Samantha Maxwell as Mrs. Jefferson 
Sean Roberts as Paul 
Shea Sailors as Mrs. Cohen 
Travis Lyon as Steve 
Trisha Banquerigo as Mimi Marguez 
Tyler Lenhart as Gordon 
Willie May as Benjamin Coffin III 
Zack Crocker as Angel Schunard 
Zack Wolfe as Mark Cohen 

Loren Scott as Leny Gantz 

To Kill a Mockingbird 
Aaron Nioota as Jem Finch 
Chloe Horner as Scout 
Hanna Jost as Mayella Ewell 
Kristi Chenfield for Set Design and Construction 
Lodi Zubko as Atticus Finch 
McCullough Family for Set Design and Construction 
Sheila Furtado for Set Design and Construction 
Terri Miller Schmidt for Director 
Willie May as Tom Robinson 

Theatre Royale 
Addison Martinez as Aradia 
Alexandria Ray as Cassandra 
Amanda Bowman as Soleil 
Amanda Travers for Makeup Director 
Andrew Nagy for Audio Engineer/Designer 
Angelic Barlow as Sassyfrass 
Ashley Post for Choreographer/Dance Director 
Avalon Penrose as Jemima 
Blaise Wopperer as Bill Bailey 
Brianna Adnerson as Jellylorum 
Brooke Vartanian for Choreographer 
Chloe Chenfeld as Tantomile 
Cody Kretzschmer as Rum Tum Tugger 
Cydney Rothblatt as Grizabella 
Daryl Rodriquez as Quaxo 
Debbie Stemwedel for Costume Director 
Delaney Ellis as Jessamine 
Dominic Furtado as Rumpus Cat/Skimbleshanks 
Drew Russ as Macavity 
Eric Wilhite as Gus 
Erin Duffey as Bombalurina 
Fisher Kaake as Coricopat 
Hannah Youngwirth as Ambrosia 
Ian Van Bebber as Asparagus 
J. Scott King for Director 
Jamie Orr as Madrox 
Jessica Croupe as Demeter 
Jordan Davis as Luna 
Kaitlyn Donovan as Luxurious 
Karen Sabicer for Vocal Director 
Kate Chapin as Alethia 
Katie Rodriguez as Sylabub 
Kevin Noonan for Technical Director/Lighting Design 
Kevin Ruiter as Old Deuteronomy 
Kim Rodriguez as Etcetera 
Kirsten Palm as Rumpleteazer 
Mark Russell as Bustopher Jones 
McKay Mangum as Munkustrap 
Megan Henretta as Pearlessence 
Mistilyn Van Bebber as Victoria 
Noah Green as Brutus 
Ray Ramierez as Mungojerrie 
Richard Moss for Special Effects Designer/Director 
Robin Felix for Choreographer 
Sarah Rosen as Mistoffelees 
Sarah Rosen for Choreographer 
Savanna Lichty as Scarlett 
Scott King for Choreographer/Lighting Designer 
Sydnee Davis as Jennyanydots 
Teresa Lafferty as Griddlebone 
Trudee Stevens for Costumer 



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