It Takes Guts to Stand Up
to the Most Powerful Man in the Country.
Especially When You’re 15.

The Children’s Theatre Company (CTC), the nation’s leading theater for young people and families and recipient of the 2003 Tony® Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre.

Antigone, CTC’s highly acclaimed inaugural production for teens in April of 2003, will come to life again in CTC’s new theater space for teens, the Cargill Stage. Using the promenade style of theatre where there are no seats and the actors move in and through the audience, almost demands audience members to become participants, in effect, a chorus of citizens.

“This is exactly the kind of play that we built the Cargill Stage for,” said CTC artistic director Peter C, Brosius. “This totally reconfigurable space allows us to do theatre that surprises, theatre that lets you get close to the action and theatre which can change the very way a play is experienced.”

In Antigone, there’s a battle over power. Two brothers fight on opposing sides. One is considered a hero, the other a traitor. Antigone and her uncle, King Creon, are also on opposing sides. She is forbidden by decree to bury one of her brothers. And so, she must choose between denying her brother and defying her king. Sophocles’ Antigone originated 2000 years ago and yet presents the most urgent of contemporary issues, especially for teens – challenging conformist thinking, confronting generational differences and questioning authority.

Once again, director Greg Banks, one of the foremost creators of work for teens in Great Britain, has assembled a terrifically talented and highly recognizable Twin Cities cast. Reprising their roles are Sonja Parks as Antigone, Luverne Seifert as Creon, Shawn Hamilton as Haemon and Polynices, Marvette Knight as Eurydice and Tiresias, and Emily Zimmer as Ismene and Sentry. New to the company is Samuel G. Roberson, Jr. as Messenger, Sentry and Eteocles. Returning to the chorus is student actor Casey Smart. New to the chorus are student actors Samuel Patrick Faunillan, Nadia Hulett, Kyle Roman, Natasha Roy and Allison Van Siclen as well as CTC performing apprentices Kelsie Jepsen and Ashford J. Thomas.

Antigone is adapted and directed by Greg Banks, with scenic and lighting design by Joseph Stanley, costume design by Mary Anna Culligan, music composition by Michael Sommers and music performance by Susan Haas and Victor Zupanc.

Antigone previews October 24, 25 and 26; Opens on October 27; and runs until November 19. 

Cargill Stage at The Children’s Theatre Company, 2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis

Tickets are $18 for teens/students and $28 for adults/seniors.
To purchase tickets call the CTC Ticket Office, 612-874-0400 or go to

Please Note: Antigone is intended for audiences ages 13 and up.



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