Livonia Teacher To Debut Film 

(Livonia, Mich.—April 27th, 2007) . . . Most people go through old scrapbooks and take a stroll down memory lane.  Not Gail Susan Mack, Director of the Creative and Performing Arts Program, of Livonia Public Schools.  She decided to write, direct and produce a movie. 

Mack’s film, Dissonance, will premiere on May 4th at 7:30pm in Carli Auditorium at Churchill High School in Livonia.  The production of Dissonance was a part of the 2006-2007 CAPA repertoire and give students a complete understanding of the art of film making.  As such, many students in the CAPA program play key roles in the cast and crew. 

The story is set in 1970, during the Vietnam War, when there was social unrest because of the anti-war movement, the black power movement, and the woman’s liberation movement.  It focuses on a group of students who want to be able to voice their concerns about the direction their country has taken.  The main character, who is very much against this war, finds herself in a precarious situation separate from everything else going on around her.  As the story develops she finds herself in a position of danger that is juxtaposed ironically against the peace that she advocates. 

According to Mack, Dissonance is full of suspense.  She continued, “It does give the historical setting of the anti-war movement, but it really revolves around what is happening to the lead character, Abbey.  I want the audience to enjoy the suspense, and what happens in the end.” 

Mack reminds us of her commitment to education and teaching when asked what she hopes the CAPA students in the film learn from their Dissonance experience, “I want them to look at the world they live in, beyond high school proms and textbooks.  I want them to realize that they can have a voice in their lives, and that in a democracy the people count.  I want my students to always fight for the best of situations and to always be true to themselves.” 

Date/Time:                  Friday – May 4th – 7:30pm 

Venue:                         Carli Auditorium

Churchill High School

8900 Newburgh Road

Livonia, Michigan 

Tickets:                        Call (734) 425-5942 or visit Tickets are $8   

The Creative and Performing Arts Program (CAPA), based at Winston Churchill High School, is Livonia's magnet educational program for young artists.    CAPA offers students grades 9 – 12, the opportunity to develop their artistic skills, aptitude, desire and potential within a typical school setting.  The program focuses on three main strands: theatre, voice and dance.   The 2006-2007 season marks CAPA’s 20th Anniversary.


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