Broadway Kids of San Diego’s Fourth Season in the
Resilience of the Spirit Festival to perform Paradise


Alice Cash founding director and executive producer of Broadway Kids of San Diego announces that Broadway Kids of San Diego will be a part of the Resilience of the Spirit Festival at Compass Theatre (formerly Sixth at Penn Theatre) in San Diego California.   During the festival the audience will experience stories that prove the true resilience of the human spirit in overcoming repression and adversity.  The fourteen-play festival runs June 26-August 3, 2008.


Broadway Kids of San Diego will perform Paradise by Glyn O’Malley.   The play was inspired by a true story about two 17-year-old girls, Sarah a hopeful writer, living with her Mother in a Jewish settlement outside of Jerusalem and Fatima, an aspiring photographer living in a Palestinian refugee camp at the height of the last Intifada.


Broadway Kids of San Diego is the only children’s theatre company involved with the Resilience of the Spirit Festival.   Paradise features four local teenagers, Charlotte Ostrow as Sarah, Gabriella Espinal as Fatima, Ryan Murphy as Bassam, Daniel Myers as Omar, and the only adult actor Diane Levin as Shoshana.  Directed by Alice Cash, with Keegan Porter as Stage Manager and Danielle Levin as Assistant Stage Manager.


This is a powerful piece that will make the audience think.  Not just about the conflict in this one area, but on a global scale.  Broadway Kids of San Diego tries to push the limits of theatre and create pieces in which the audience will find that there are ways to make differences in the world.


For more information about Resilience of the Spirit Festival call 619-688-9210, or go online to or


 Paradise opens July 31 and runs through August 3 at 3704 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA.




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