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Description: Marvelous Logo.jpgThe Academy for the Performing Arts will present Actors Rep, our acting company in the mystery comedy, The Miss Marvelous Murders in its World Premiere Performances on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 21 and 22 at 7:30 pm in the Black Box Theatre at Huntington Beach High School.  Written and directed by Robert Rotenberry The Miss Marvelous Murders is set at the finals for a beauty pageant.    As the contestants start getting bumped off host Chris Carmichael calls on the audience to help solve the mystery to discover the killer.  There are five different endings depending on which of the suspects gets the most votes.

The host Chris Carmichael (Zack Carlson) is the former child star of the hit TV show, Barney Jones, Boy Detective.   Now reduced to working at third rate beauty pageants he tries to keep a cheerful face as the evening turns into mayhem.  The three finalists are Cara Alexandra Soar (Alyssa Grimaldi or Micayla Vermeeren) a perennial pageant princess who has the polish and experience that other girls envy; Millicent Deveraux (Marilee Jooste) a fragile heiress whose wealthy mother has forced her into the competition and Rosaleigh Lee (Angelica Straemer) a recent transplant from Tennessee who has a very different idea of what goes into a beauty title.  The real competition is between the combative mothers:   Elizabeth “Bitsy” Soar (Lauren Eliot) has had Cara in pageants she was in diapers; Midge Deveraux (Cheynne Derr) used to show dogs but now has decided to put her daughter on display; and Rose Lee Brice Nylund Bowl Busch (June Carlile), the oft married, backwoods stage mother is trying to make her mark in Southern California.   The head judge, Scooter Herschkowitz (Braeden Miller or Bryce Miller) is the persnickety director of cable teen musical movies; Pickles Bartalucci (Kaitlyn Glenn) presides over a TV Divorce show only to find herself going through a divorce herself.   The boisterous but frazzled page Dakota Wilbur (Dillon Agnew) tries to keep things running smoothly.  The roles of the third judge Devin Goody, Midge’s husband Milton, Scooter’s mother Rachel and reigning Miss Marvelous Margery Mullins are cast from the audience as the show is in progress.               

The Miss Marvelous Murders has musical numbers, comedy and mystery.  Tickets are $10.00 for adults and seniors and $5.00 for students and children are will be sold at the door.  Seating is limited.  For further information call the APA office at (714) 536-2514 Ext. 4025.  The Black Box Theatre is located on the other side of the auditorium at Huntington Beach High School; 1905 Main Street; Huntington Beach, CA  92648.   Whodunit?  Only you can decide!



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