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APA Theatre presents the comedy Tom Jones 

APA Theatre will be presenting Tom Jones, a comedy based on the classic English novel, The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling by Henry Fielding.   Performances are April 28 - May 1, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30 pm and Sunday matinee at 2:00 pm.  This is one of the funniest plays ever and, in addition to comedy there is romance, sword fights, dancing, and several surprises.

This production is a play within a play as a theatre company brings the story of Tom Jones to life.  After a rocky start Michael Donovan, as the director and narrator begins the story in Somersetshire, England, 1750, when a baby is left in Squire Allworthy’s (Lee Tagney) bed.  After consulting with his hapless maid Deborah (Allison Strout) he decides to raise the baby as his ward, along with Blifil, (Austin Kottkamp) the orphaned son of his sister Bridget (Melissa May). He hires Thwackham and Sqaure (Mason Prescott and Jared Yackley) to tutor the boys. As Tom (Caden Michael Gray) becomes an adult he falls in love with the beautiful Sophia Western (Lexi Harvey) who lives at the neighboring estate.  Squire Western (Naftali Wayne) and his sister (Heather Wessel) plan for Sophia to marry Allworthy’s heir Blifil, but she detests him and only has eyes for Tom.  Tom is banished after fighting with the evil Blifil, forced to start a new life alone. 

Sophia decides to flee her upcoming marriage and sets out to find Tom with the assistance of her maid, Honour (Maddy Holstein).  In the woods Tom rescues Mrs. Waters (Rachel Longoria) from a Highwayman (Bryce Miller).  Along the route Sophia runs into her cousin Harriet (Danielle Brown) who is fleeing from her ogre of a husband Fitzpatrick (Zack Carlson or Dagger Salazar).  Western and his sister have set out in search of Sophia and all find themselves at the Inn at Upton presided over by Mrs. Whitefield (Molly Peters) with little help from her saucy maid Susan (Alysa Grimaldi).  Our narrator joins in the action as Patridge, a barber and surgeon who becomes Tom’s sidekick.  A series of chase scenes and mistaken identities ensue as the second part ends with all headed to London.

In London Sophia and Harriet seek refuge at the home of their cousin Lady Bellaston (Heather Hamacek or Lauren Eliot).  Lady Bellaston plots against Sophia with the help of her maid Nancy (Elizabeth Dravis) to get Tom Jones for herself.  After a duel Tom finds himself escorted to Justice Dowling’s (Braeden Miller) court by the Constable (Alex Jean).    Also appearing in the production are Tara Coffey, Kaitlyn Glenn, Regan Shaver and Sarah Stoermer.

Robert Rotenberry directs the production with help from Assistant Directors Taylor Thomas and Mariana Vaca.  Bethany Glover choreographed two dances for the show and Alex Duremdes has staged the fights.  The set designer is Elizabeth Gibson with lighting design by Ian McGinnis. 

Fielding’s novel of Tom Jones has also been the basis for three operas, two musicals, a mini-series and the 1963 film which won four Academy Awards including Best Picture.


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