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Play Ball

Go back to where Chicago began with Play Ball, a hit show Broadway in 1926-27.  Maurine Dallas Watkins was a reporter who wrote about a couple of real life murderesses who got away with killing men.  She then created all the famous characters such as Jazz Slayer, Roxie Hart; clever lawyer, Billy Flynn; sob sister, Mary Sunshine; sad sack husband, Amos Hart; tough as nails, Matron Morton; murderesses, Velma Kelly, Liz, Go-To-Hell Kitty and Moonshine Maggie.  There are also a couple major characters that were cut  from the musical to make room for songs- reporter Jake Callahan and his photographer Babe who first explode Roxie across the front page. After the play was on Broadway Cecil B. DeMille made it into a silent film.  Ginger Rogers starred in Roxie Hart in 1942 and Bob Fosse’s musical hit Broadway in 1975.  The Broadway revival is even a bigger hit which is still running.  The movie captured the Best Film Academy Award in 2002.

            Robert Rotenberry directs this large cast Play Ball which is part satire and part melodrama.  The Huntington Beach High School Auditorium opened the same year as this show hit Broadway.  Featured will also be a live jazz trio to bring some twenties music between acts.  The show plays three nights only, Wednesday – Friday, November 17-19 at 7:30 pm in the HBHS auditorium; 1905 Main Street; Huntington Beach, CA  92648.  Tickets can be purchased in advance at 714) 536-2514 Ext. 4025 or at the door.  For more information go to

Billy Flynn and Roxie Hart            Roxie and Velma Kelly       Roxie and Matron Morton


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