The Academy of Performing Arts Presents
West Side Story

The Academy of Performing Art presents “West Side Story” premiering November 9th & 10th at 7pm at the Yavapai College Performance Hall located at 1100 E. Sheldon St. in Prescott , Arizona .  Performed by an all youth cast, starring James Granjean as Tony, Allie Elliot as Maria, Kelsey Knudsen as Riff, Lena Melnick as Anita and Nathan Hicks as Bernardo. “West Side Story”, the world’s greatest love story takes to the streets in this landmark Broadway musical that is one of the theater’s finest accomplishments.  Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” is transported to modern-day New York City , as two young idealistic lovers find themselves caught between warring street gangs, the American Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks.  Their struggle to survive in a world of hate, violence and prejudice is one of the most innovative, heart-wrenching and relevant musical dramas of our time.  

Tickets can be purchased in Prescott , Arizona for $15 each at the Academy of Performing Arts at 218 N. Granite St. and at the Yavapai College Performance Hall at 1100 E. Sheldon St ..  Don’t miss APA’s presentation of “West Side Story”, November 9th & 10th at 7:00pm at the Yavapai College Performance Hall.  

For more information call The Academy of Performing Arts at 778-7529.



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