Lilia Houshmand
San Diego, CA


Born: 1991
Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown


Bio: Lilia first fell in love with musicals the day her father brought home a VHS tape of Sound of Music. At age 8, she started training with several youth theatres, such as San Diego Junior Theatre and the Young Actor's workshop. It wasn't until her involvement in the La Jolla High School Drama Department that she developed new interests for straight acting and the actor's process.

Since age 10, Lilia has volunteered with the Young Actor's Workshop and became a full fledged faculty member and choreographer at age 14.

After years of volunteering, she was hired as an instructor at the Persian Dance Academy at age 16 in San Diego.

Lilia has worked with the La Jolla Playhouse Conservatory for two consecutive summers.

She is now currently studying in Berkeley.

When not acting, singing, or dancing, Lilia enjoys filming music videos and skits with friends.



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