About Us
Welcome to National Youth Arts! Born originally on March 27, 2000 as a local San Diego theatre website, our efforts to become a resource for youth theatre went national in 2005 with the creation of National Youth Theatre. We are now in the process of expanding into a national resource for a panorama of arts with the National Youth Arts website, all under the umbrella of the newly created National Arts Digest "ArtsDig" website, which was also born from the seed of the original San Diego Playbill site that featured coverage and awards of both youth and adults in San Diego's theatre community, and which allows us to continue to follow the upcoming generation of artists long after they are no longer quite as youthful. 

To aid in this effort, we will gladly create an artist page at no charge. We also welcome volunteer reviewers to help us cover the arts in different areas of the country, giving the artists valuable feedback and art patrons more information on what is available.

For National Youth Arts, we will be extending our National Youth Theatre awards program into the fields of Music, Dance, Film, Writing, Painting, Photography, and more. For more information, please visit our How to Participate and Membership pages.

We are also in the on-going process of creating an extensive set of lists and links of resources -- a gateway to all arts-related websites. This includes links to websites of theatres, galleries, and artists. 

With all that in mind, your help is needed to make this site truly beneficial to both artists and art lovers. If you know of any information that we are missing or is incorrect, please do not hesitate to inform us. We will make every effort to make this the most thorough and accurate site for arts information. Any help you give us towards this end will always be greatly appreciated. We happily accept:

Suggestions - "The reasonable thing is to learn from those who can teach." --Sophocles

Criticisms - "In this light one sees the critic as the real helper of the artist, a torchbearing outrider, the interpreter, the brother..." --Henry James

and Compliments - "You like me! You really, really like me!" --Sally Field

Thank you for your help!


Rob Hopper