Actors Alliance of San Diego Workshops

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Actors Alliance of San Diego’s Training, Growth, Success begins!

Actors Alliance of San Diego is happy to announce three great training opportunities to enhance the skills of local actors, singers, and performers and set them up for a successful 2015.

Audition Preparation Workshop Series

Actors Alliance of San Diego is happy to announce a new Audition Preparation workshop series. The Series will have two classes every Sunday with various Artist Directors, Professional Actors, and Music Directors from all over San Diego. February will focus on Song and/or Monologue preparation and March will focus on Mock Auditions where two pieces will be worked on. Instructors include: Justin Gray (Music Director Welk Resort), AJ Knox (Artistic Director Ocean Beach Ensemble Experiment), Morgan Carberry(Music Director, Oceanside Theatre), Korrie Paliotto (Music Director, San Diego Rep), Eileen Bowman(Professional Actor), and Roxane Carrasco (Professional Actor). 
Cabaret Workshop with Eileen Bowman andKorriePaliotto

Over the course of this six (6) week program you work directly with Eileen on song choices, banter and script, and being yourself onstage. Prepare to play the most intricate, interesting, and difficult character, YOURSELF! Working with local Music Director, Korrie Palliotto, and Eileen Bowman participants will learn how to work with a Music Director, create engaging Banter, and piece music together to tell your story. A performance will be scheduled at a local venue for the first week of April. This program will look at doing a student showcase at 98 Bottles in Little Italy or Martinis Above Fourth in Hillcrest.
Artist Development Program

in 2014 Actors Alliance of San Diego has teamed up with San Diego Playwrights to launch a new workshop series with the goal of cultivating an environment for creative growth in San Diego. Seven playwrights have joined forces with eleven actors and three directors to present new plays in the Breaking Waves Festival at the San Diego Fringe Festival in 2014. Throughout the workshop series the groups are able to learn how improv and “play” can lead to the development of a play. Workshops will also include experiences by up and coming playwrights who have had their works produced at local and regional theatres and talks on the business of “showbiz”. At the end of the 4 month workshop the plays will be presented as a Dine Around offering to the TCG National Conference attendees in June and will make their public debut in July during the 2014 San Diego Fringe Festival. This workshop exemplifies Actors Alliance of San Diego’s goal of exposing local artist and performers to the world.

About Actors Alliance of San Diego

The Actors Alliance of San Diego is a 510(c)(3) non-profit, membership based service organization dedicated to the advancement, education, and exposure of the theatre artist in San Diego and to enhance the good of the community through the medium of theatre. About San Diego Playwrights
San Diego Playwrights is an all-volunteer network working to get local playwrights produced in San Diego. Using a Consensus Organizing approach, we promote San Diego playwrights and the theatres and organizations that support them. We engage the community in the process of creating and producing new plays.